Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cafe Mocha Offers Cheese Plate With Bottle Of Wine

You read that right: free cheese! 

I almost didn't share this deal for fear that it would finally catch on and crowd my beloved cozy neighborhood wine and cheese spot. But as a dairy and gluten addict, I couldn't resist passing this insider tip on to fellow foodies who need a carb and cheese fix, on a budget.

During happy hour and into the evening, Cafe Mocha in the East Village offers a complimentary cheese plate with the first bottle of wine you order for the table. And this isn't a cheapo plate. Three cheeses - a rotating variety including one soft, one semi-soft and one hard - are plated with nuts, fresh fruit, fruit jam and toasted bread. This plate would most likely cost around $15 at any other restaurant, so this feels like a steal. 

The wine list is relatively affordable as well, so you can enjoy a $34 bottle of a decent Malbec (my favorite on their list so far) with the cheese plate for a casual date night or catch up session with one of your best girlfriends. My darling friend Renie and I have made Cafe Mocha our weekly meeting place over the past few months to unwind after work, indulge and gossip, of course. We also like to order one of their flatbreads, like the Artichoke with Chicken or Steak and Goat Cheese, to round the evening out with a filling, yet affordable, dinner.

Enjoy this wine and cheese deal, but keep it to yourself as long as you can! xo

Cafe Mocha. 116 Second Avenue.

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