Monday, December 30, 2013

NYC’s Best New Year’s Day Brunches

Don’t let that New Year’s Day hangover keep you hiding under the covers all day. That’s no way to ring in the first day of 2014! Soothe your headache and settle your stomach at one of these restaurants offering the best in New Year’s Day brunches and all around cures. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC’s 5 Best New Year’s Day Brunches xo

Friday, December 27, 2013

NYC New Year's Eve Survival Guide, 2013

This is a New Yorker's nightmare. (credit: Village Voice)
Back in 2010, I shared my tips for New Year's Eve Do's & Don'ts in New York City. From attending a ticketed bash to hosting a girls' night in, refer to that post for all you need for a rockin' New Year's Eve celebration!

Will you be single when the ball drops this year? No worries! Follow my advice on how to be single - and happy - when ringing in 2014 on Hpnotiq's blog.

Still in need of plans for this New Year's Eve? Make reservations now for a phenomenal meal at one of these restaurants offering NYC’s 8 Best New Year’s Eve Dinners or head to one of NYC’s 7 Best New Year’s Eve Parties, both rounded up on CBS New York.

My city girl New Year's Resolutions from 2011 still hold true today. Find them here and let me know what you're resolving to change or improve on in the New Year in the comment box below!

Whatever you choose to do on December 31st, I hope you have a safe and fun night! xo

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Merry!

(Festive print from Cin Cin Vintage - on sale!)
Merry Christmas from my little hometown in Massachusetts! Whether you celebrate the holiday or are just happy to have a day off from work, I hope you are with family, enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation. Eat, drink and be merry!

Enjoy the holiday (and log off of your computer, already!) xo

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Where To Dine Out (Or Order To-Go) On Christmas Day In NYC

Merry Christmas Eve! If you're staying in (or visiting) New York City for Christmas, you'll want to read on for insider foodie tips for a worry-free feast...

Who says Christmas means you have to slave away the day to create an elaborate meal? Make reservations to dine out on Christmas Day at one of these New York City restaurants. Go all out with an Italian Feast of The Seven Fishes or keep the day casual with German bar fare to keep your whole family in the holiday spirit.

Or does the idea of getting your whole family dressed up and out the door for a prix fixe at a restaurant has you stressed out too? Then order in! These New York City restaurants are offering everything from festive main dishes to traditional holiday desserts to-go. 

Check out CBS New York for my articles on 5 NYC Restaurants For Christmas Dinner To Go and 6 NYC Restaurants To Dine Out On Christmas Day xo

Monday, December 23, 2013

7 NYC Restaurants To Dine Out On Christmas Eve

I haven't blogged in a week?!? What a hectic holiday season, lovely readers! I apologize for my lack of posts and tweets. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or are just looking forward to ringing in 2014, I hope you find time this week to relax with cheesy holiday movies, binge on sweets (without counting calories) and spend time with family and friends.

If you're staying in NYC - give yourself a break this holiday season. Forget the long lines at the grocery story, slaving over a hot apartment stove and endless hours of prep and cleanup in favor of dining out this Christmas Eve. Book your holiday dinner at one of these New York City restaurants offering special menus to celebrate – stress-free – with your loved ones. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on 7 NYC Restaurants To Dine Out On Christmas Eve xo

Monday, December 16, 2013

NYC’s Best Shareable Desserts

Oversized, overflowing and overindulgent. Sharable desserts in New York City have long been a staple, from  summer sundaes to the warmest winter fondues. Grab your whole crew – and a ton of spoons – to pig out on these sharable desserts in NYC. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC's 8 Best Shareable Desserts xo

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Best Slices Of Cheesecake In New York City

No other sweet says “New Yawk” like the cheesecake. From light and smooth to heavy and thick, New York City style cheesecakes are baked into range of creamy textures. 

This holiday season, gift a hostess with one of these classic NYC cheesecakes or just enjoy a slice to yourself with a hot cocktail for a comforting end to any meal.

Check out CBS New York for my article on The 6 Best Slices Of Cheesecake In New York City xo

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cafe Mocha Offers Cheese Plate With Bottle Of Wine

You read that right: free cheese! 

I almost didn't share this deal for fear that it would finally catch on and crowd my beloved cozy neighborhood wine and cheese spot. But as a dairy and gluten addict, I couldn't resist passing this insider tip on to fellow foodies who need a carb and cheese fix, on a budget.

During happy hour and into the evening, Cafe Mocha in the East Village offers a complimentary cheese plate with the first bottle of wine you order for the table. And this isn't a cheapo plate. Three cheeses - a rotating variety including one soft, one semi-soft and one hard - are plated with nuts, fresh fruit, fruit jam and toasted bread. This plate would most likely cost around $15 at any other restaurant, so this feels like a steal. 

The wine list is relatively affordable as well, so you can enjoy a $34 bottle of a decent Malbec (my favorite on their list so far) with the cheese plate for a casual date night or catch up session with one of your best girlfriends. My darling friend Renie and I have made Cafe Mocha our weekly meeting place over the past few months to unwind after work, indulge and gossip, of course. We also like to order one of their flatbreads, like the Artichoke with Chicken or Steak and Goat Cheese, to round the evening out with a filling, yet affordable, dinner.

Enjoy this wine and cheese deal, but keep it to yourself as long as you can! xo

Cafe Mocha. 116 Second Avenue.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Thanks

While many of us only stop to give thanks during the month of November, when thankful statuses are filling up our Facebook feed each day, or just on the day of Thanksgiving, when surrounded by good food and loved ones, it's important to make a point to stop and give gratitude for both the big and little joys in our everyday lives.

This past year has been a transitional period. I've loved. I've lost. I've freelanced. I've started working full time again. From relationship to career, it seems like I've seen it all in 2013. Through all of the disappointments and struggle, I've been fortunate to have family - and friends who have become family - to support me every step of the way. To lift me up when I'd rather be crying on my apartment floor. To cheer me on before each and every job interview. I may be strong, but I wouldn't have made it through all of the ups and downs unscarred without these people in my life.
(image via Etsy)
Here are just some of the people and things I'm thankful for today...

My parents who have encouraged me from my first ballet class to my college musical theatre auditions to my decision to completely change careers at age 25.

My sister who gives tough love like no one else I'll ever know. But also knows when it's best to hug me and keep her mouth shut when I just need a listening ear.

My best girlfriends who are my sorority sisters and those who have become my second sisters during our twenty-something years in Manhattan. Each and every one of these women is just a phone call or happy hour date away. Therapy sessions don't come in better form than venting, rehashing and laughing with these women. They give the best advice, even when it takes me a few tries to follow it. 

My health and for the wealth of resources for women in New York City, like Planned Parenthood, when we are in between jobs (and not paying for Cobra) and in need of an exam or low cost birth control.

My cute little apartment that has served as the first place I could call my own. It may be only 350 square feet, but it's my very own 350 square feet in the East Village. And it's where I can eat Pad Thai in my pajamas while watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey whenever I please.

Nonfat lattes for being my caffeinated fuel during a year filled with interviews and workout sessions. My favorites can be ordered at Au Breve Espresso, Abraco and La Colombe Torrefaction.

Gel manicures that have kept my nails looking good for almost two full weeks at a time for press tastings, interviews and blind dates. Especially on days I've felt nothing close to being polished in my head.

Red lipstick for giving me confidence when I don't have time for makeup and on nights out when I want to feel a bit sexy.

Spin class at Crunch taught by Carl Hall who makes me werrrk it out like no other.

What are you thankful for on any given day? xo

Monday, December 2, 2013

NYC’s Best New Hot Cocktails

The chill of late autumn has arrived in New York City, leaving us searching for something strong to stay warm and toasty. From sweet classics like spiked hot chocolates to fancy takes on cider, here are a few hot cocktails to keep you toasty – and toasted – all season long.

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC's 9 Best New Hot Cocktails xo
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