Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Single Girl's Survival Guide: The 8 Perks Of Breaking Up

Going through a breakup is worse than any no good, horrible, very bad day (or week or month) you’ve experienced before. But when you’re mourning the loss of your relationship, take a few moments to pause that marathon of Say Yes To The Dress and take your spoon out of the Ben & Jerry’s to remember there are a few perks to your break up. 
You’ll grow closer to your girlfriends. Hopefully you're the kind of woman who always made time for her girlfriends because now more than ever you'll need them to lean on. Make dates to meet up whether you cherish their advice or know they'll listen without judgment. Enjoying dinner, drinks or coffee together is like free therapy. Spend time with your friend who always makes you laugh and the one who wants to hear every single ridiculous detail of the breakup, so you can get it all off your chest. And an added perk to getting to know your friends better? They may even offer to treat you, because you'd do it for them too!

You can indulge in your guilty pleasures without the guilt. Go ahead and order Chicken Pad Thai to devour in your bedroom while watching hours of The Real Housewives of New Jersey without feeling embarrassed. This is your time to do the stuff your guy would have rolled his eyes at.

You’ll benefit from post-workout endorphins more than ever. Go for a run to clear your mind, take a heart pumping spin class or calm yourself down with Vinyasa Flow. Take time each day to squeeze in fitness. You'll benefit from the happy hormones and maybe even drop a few pounds along the way.

You can buy whatever you want. You deserve those sky-high heels and especially that luxurious West Elm duvet. Don’t go overboard charging your Amex until you’ve hit your limit, but little gifts to yourself during a breakup are nice reminders that you don’t need someone else gifting you to get special treats.

You can eat whatever you want. Emotional devastation usually leads to a loss in appetite, but if comfort foods or sweets give you a temporary high, enjoy whatever you want to eat during the first few days or weeks of the breakup. No one would judge a newly single girl for binging on salt and vinegar chips. 

You’ll be the focus of everyone’s matchmaking. Friends, coworkers and roommates will bring their eligible single friends to your door. Even if you’re not ready to move on by going on dates or sleeping with someone new, just having the option to flirt and show off your newly single confidence will get your mind off of the heartbreak.

You can fantasize about - or act upon - a whole new life. Move to a new city, go to grad school to pursue your passion in creative writing, adopt a dog or maybe just color your hair. Whatever you choose to dream about - or follow through on - may do some good for your confidence and daily routine rut. A change in your relationship status may be the kick in the butt you need to advance your career or take you on a whole new path without any strings attached.

You can fall in love again. Believing you’ll find someone else is hard to imagine when you’re still crying yourself to sleep, but you will. You really will! And when you do, you’ll feel butterflies during your first kiss and maybe this time, he’ll be “the one.”

What do you think are the perks of breaking up? xo

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