Monday, September 30, 2013

NYC’s Best Fall 2013 Brunches

New Yorkers brunch year round, but there are always new offerings to try with seasonally focused menus. We’ve rounded up a dozen NYC restaurants offering the best brunches for the fall with unlimited cocktail options, heated outdoor seating and hearty comfort foods. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC's 12 Best Fall 2013 Brunches xo

Friday, September 27, 2013

What To Do In NYC This Weekend, September 27-29

(Just a peak into the meal I enjoyed at American Cut)
Can you believe it's the last weekend of September? The crisp autumn air, pumpkin flavored everything and cozy sweaters makes fall my favorite season in New York City, so every year I try to hold on to it as long as I can, but it is flying by fast!

Chef Marc Forgione and LDV Hospitality open American Cut in TriBeCa today, Friday, September 27, in the hopes of redefining New York’s steakhouse experience. At the press dinner earlier this week, I was treated to course after course of phenomenal dishes. Make reservations asap to try the Chili Lobster, tableside Caesar Salad and the indulgent pastrami seasoned rib eye. And for more fall openings in NYC, visit here.

Madison Square Eats is back for it's fall installment open daily from 11am-9pm, September 27th through October 25th. And for more fall food festivals, visit here.

Find yourself a new fall bag at the Botkier Sample Sale, like a Valentina hipster for $70 (reg. $119) or a top-handle satchel for $115 (reg. $450). Because it's time to treat yourself to buttery leather cross-body bags and structured exclusives for the office, all up to 75 percent off! The sale ends this Saturday, September 28 and will run that day from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Fill up on all the dumplings you can eat, from pierogis to potstickers, on Saturday, September 28 at Tang’s Natural New York City Dumpling Festival in the Lower East Side. 

Happy Friday, lovely readers! xo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYC’s Best Apple Desserts

The crisp fall air brings a fresh crop of apples to our farmer’s markets, making their way onto the dinner tables and behind dessert counters at some of the city’s best restaurants. Try these apple-filled and flavored desserts for a sweet taste of the season.

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC's 5 Best Apple Desserts for this fall xo

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC’s Best Fall Cocktails

Forget last season’s frozen margaritas and blended piña coladas in favor of this fall’s cocktails made with strong spices and warm flavor notes. Get toasty with these autumn-inspired cocktails served at New York City bars and restaurants. 

Check out CBS New York for my post on NYC’s 9 Best Fall Cocktails xo

Monday, September 23, 2013

Single Girl's Survival Guide: Attending A Wedding Post Break-Up

The focus of any wedding is - and should be - on the bride and groom. From their first kiss as "man and wife" to the tradition of cutting the cake, all eyes are lovingly on the happy couple. But, when you're attending a wedding right after an emotional break-up, it's hard not to think of your ex. To be reminded of him and what you shared. And wish he was there by your side during this great display of love - especially if you're not over him or not ready to move on.

In my early twenties, attending a wedding solo was exciting. I even shared how much fun you can have when you're dateless at the reception. I easily found the positives in not having to spend $50 on your Brazilian the week leading up to the event and noted how you can always score booze faster by the bar when couples are dancing during the slow songs. Fast forward to a serious relationship in my late twenties, ending in a recent "break" or what most of us would confirm as a "break-up," and my view on attending a wedding as a single lady has done a complete turnaround. Sure, I'm still confident and love spending time with my friends, but when a heartbreak is fresh, filled with random weeknights crying yourself to sleep, attending a wedding alone can feel daunting.
This past weekend I celebrated the union of one of my wonderful past coworkers and her new husband. While they've shared ups and downs like any other couple, their display of unconditional love this weekend was truly overwhelming. As they read their vows, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. The love, trust and respect they share is nothing less than beautiful. 
While I'm overjoyed for what they've found in one another, I couldn't help but selfishly mourn my recent relationship all over again as they spoke about the "best friend" they had found in each other. I missed my best friend. I missed the man who held my hand over the past two years. I missed my boyfriend who held me close as we swayed to ballads and made me laugh all night on the dance floor at numerous weddings. I missed the man I had thought was my other half.
So how do you get through your first wedding as a newly single person, without having a mortifying breakdown in front of 200 guests? 
Lean on a friend. Rely on your girlfriend who knows the ins and outs of your recent breakup to squeeze your hand during the newlywed's first dance and make you laugh in the photo booth. Your girlfriends have experienced heartbreak too - and won't judge you for having to take multiple bathroom breaks to clean up your makeup or for sniffling louder than should be acceptable during the vows.

Apply waterproof mascara. I'm not going to sugar coat it. Sobbing is almost unavoidable as a newly single person witnessing true love and everlasting commitment, so be prepared with makeup that won't drop down your pretty face. And it should go without saying to stuff your clutch with tissues before heading out to the ceremony.
Just dance. Shake it to "Single Ladies" and jump around to "Shout." How can you not have fun dancing around for hours with your friends? Get your booty on the dance floor!
Go slow at the open bar. Drowning your sorrows in Cosmos may seem like the SATC thing to do, but avoid getting sloppy drunk at all costs. A Champagne toast to the happy couple and a few comforting glasses of red wine are fine, but doing shots with the groomsmen will only lead to sobbing with your head over the toilet the next morning.
Avoid hook ups. Flirting with the single Best Man seems sexy, in theory, but actually hooking up with a new guy during your emotional state will most likely lead to regret. Go ahead and slow dance, but anything intimate in your fragile state is a no-no.
Don't be embarrassed. Let yourself feel what you need to feel. Don't be ashamed for getting caught up in the emotions of the day. As long as you don't make a scene, your tears will go unnoticed by the happy couple and their guests. So cry, reminisce on what could have been, then bring your attention back to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

What are your tips for holding it together at a wedding after a break-up? xo

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New NYC Restaurants Opening Fall 2013

(Photo of Domain, where I'm excited to dine tonight!)
Fall is one of the best seasons to dine in New York City. There are still a few weeks left to comfortably enjoy a casual dinner al fresco or you can get out of the late seasonal chill to cozy up indoors at a new romantic eatery. From the well-known movers and shakers to soon-to-be neighborhood gems we’re excited for all of these restaurant openings this fall.

Check out CBS New York for my article on 9 New NYC Restaurants Opening Fall 2013 xo

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NYC’s Best Bars For The NFL Season

Football is back. While I'm the kind of girl who appreciates good wings over a good game, it doesn't mean I can't tell you the best bars to root for your favorite team. I mean, you've got to eat those awesome wings somewhere, right?

Celebrate each touch down – or drown your sorrows after every butt fumble – at these city bars and restaurants hosting NFL viewing parties, drink specials and an exciting atmosphere for pigskin fanatics.

Check out CBS New York for my roundup of NYC's 6 Best Bars For The NFL Season xo

Monday, September 16, 2013

What Not To Say To A Friend During A Breakup

We’ve all answered that dreaded call from our best friend, crying after midnight on a Friday night - devastated - after the man she loves walked out the door. Our hearts goes out to pick her up off of her apartment floor from across the phone line by listening and trying our best to say what she needs to hear. But do we really know what those words are?
(image via marie claire)
When supporting a friend during a breakup, it’s hard to figure out exactly what to say. You want to comfort her and help her look on the bright side during these rough few weeks, but often well-intentioned thoughts and advice will only hurt or annoy your newly-single pal. 

Avoid saying these all to common “helpful” phrases to your heartbroken friend.

“I never liked him anyway.”
Even if you never got along with her ex, she was in love with him. And most likely still is. She doesn’t want to hear about how you always thought he was awkward at social events or abrasive in public or whatever may have secretly annoyed you about their relationship. Respect her right to be hurting over someone you didn’t necessarily care for. Sure, remind her she will find love again, but saying she can "do better than him" will only insult her. And remember there’s always the chance that they’ll get back together, so you don’t want to say something negative about him that you could regret in their second-time-around romance.

“What you need is a girls night out!”
No, what she needs is to cry over Adele ballads curled up in her dark bedroom with a box of tissues and delivery Pad Thai. Nights out to have fun, stay busy and keep her mind off her ex will be great for her, but not initially during the breakup process. She my need a few weeks to wallow in the loss of her relationship, before she feels confident and excited to hit the town again. Wait for her to say she’s ready, then help with the wild plans.

“Now you can concentrate on yourself.”
Um, what do you think she’s been doing during her spin classes, when following a clean eating diet and freelancing on top of her 9 to 5? We all know it’s possible to balance love with a successful career and a healthy lifestyle. Maybe she wanted to still be with him while focusing on herself, so pointing out that she now has more time to put herself first, my offend her if she’s someone who has always made an effort to take care of herself, whether she was in a relationship or not. Suggesting she add some cardio to her already consistent yoga routine for the endorphins or encouraging her to focus on her next career move is great, but just watch how you phrase your cheerleader words.

“At least this didn’t happen after you got married and had kids.”
Of course, ending a relationship once you’ve moved in together, walked down the aisle and had a child is heartbreaking, but that doesn’t mean the end of a relationship before saying “I do” is less hurtful.

“I know the perrrrrfect guy to set you up with.”
Once she says she is ready to date again, go on and set her up. But pushing other men on her too soon, even in a double date setting, may have her spilling too much about her failed relationship on a first date or crying if they get intimate, sending the new guy running as fast as he can.

What do you wish a friend hadn't said to you during a breakup? xo

Friday, September 13, 2013

What To Do In NYC This Weekend, September 13 - 15

(Cronut Concrete via Shake Shack)
Remember attending San Gennaro during college to order wine without getting carded, while stuffing your drunk face with zeppoles? The feast has returned to Little Italy for its 87th year, for a gluttonous week of cannoli, sausage-and-peppers sandwiches and packed crowds on Mulberry. Pig out - and throw back those bottles of wine - now through Sunday, September 22.

On Sunday, September 15th, Omnivore returns to Brooklyn for the 4th Omnivore World Tour New York, focusing on the pig. Chefs Grégory Marchand (Frenchie, Paris), Sean Brock (McCrady's and Husk, Charleston), Angelo Romano (Pines, New York), Pamela Yung and the butcher John Ratliff will be meeting up with José Ramirez at the Crown Victoria. Get your tickets here.

Ok, so Tuesday, September 17 isn’t the weekend, but if you plan on getting to the front of this line, you might need to start on Sunday. For one day only, Shake Shack is offering a Cronut Concrete with cinnamon-sugar Cronut holes mixed into butter-caramel custard, exclusively at their Madison Square Park location. If you thought the Shake Shack line was long before, imagine adding in the Dominique Ansel Bakery fans, who are willing to wait at 6am for a taste. Good luck!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

NYC’s Best Fall Food Events & Festivals

Fall in New York City calls for pumpkin spice lattes, light sweaters and filling up at food festivals. The city’s foodies can get their fix at these upcoming events, focused on local fare, celebrated chefs and interesting pairings. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC's 6 Best Fall Food Events & Festivals xo

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Always Say "I Love You"

(image via)
Twelve years ago I was a high school senior, watching the news from hours away. This is my eleventh year as a proud New Yorker. 

Each year on this day, my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. And I'm always reminded to put things into perspective. No matter how stressed you are at work or in a job search, no matter how annoying your loud neighbors are or how much your rent was raised, we must remember that the most important thing in life is love. The love of your family, friends and significant other.

Call your parents, check in with your little sister, let your friends know how they've become your hand-picked family, don't go to bed angry with your partner, and always say "I love you."

Never Forget xo

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NYC’s Best New York Fashion Week Cocktails

Can you believe we're already in the middle of NYFW? Time flies when you're (running around like a crazy person) having fun!

You won’t need to be on the guest list during New York Fashion Week to find a front row seat to taste runway-inspired cocktails at some of the city’s most stylish restaurants. Whether you’re a fashion industry VIP spending the week buzzing around Lincoln Center or just looking to shmooze with all of the glamourous people, these New York City bars and restaurants are fit for everyone to enjoy fashion-themed menu items during this September week of style.

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC's 8 Best New York Fashion Week Cocktails xo

Friday, September 6, 2013

What To Do In NYC This Weekend, September 6 - 8

Happy Day #2 of NYFW!
(Beautiful Lionette necklace from Style Within Reach's NYFW closet)
Want a fun recap of NYFW Day #1? Check it out here through the eyes of The Glitter Guide.

The Winslow opens in the East Village tonight, Friday, September 6. This U.K-inspired "modern gin joint and eatery" should be a fun addition to the neighborhood!

Not attending any shows this week? You won’t need to be on the guest list to find a front row seat to taste these runway-inspired cocktails at some of the city’s most stylish restaurants available this weekend through the end of Fashion Week.

Bloggers and fashion fans alike can add these open-to-the-public events to their schedule to take part in the week’s glamour and fun. 

Happy Weekend lovely readers! xo

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NYC’s Best Public Events for New York Fashion Week 2013

Hello, NYFW!

Spring fashion collections will hit New York’s runways during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, kicking off today, Thursday, Sept. 5. Bloggers and fashion fans alike can add open-to-the-public events to their schedule to take part in the week’s glamour and fun. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC’s 5 Best Public Events for New York Fashion Week 2013.

PS - Can't wait to host my dear friend Caitlin of Style Within Reach and The Glitter Guide during this week of style, shows and parties! xo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NYC’s Best New Fitness Classes For Fall 2013

If this summer’s backyard cookouts and rooftop happy hours had you packing on the pounds, there’s time to get back into a workout routine this fall before the holiday rush of parties and indulgent dinners sneak up on us. Add variety to your sweat sessions with these new New York City boutique fitness classes for your best bet to get into shape this season. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC’s 5 Best New Fitness Classes For Fall 2013 xo

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Single Girl's Survival Guide: The 8 Perks Of Breaking Up

Going through a breakup is worse than any no good, horrible, very bad day (or week or month) you’ve experienced before. But when you’re mourning the loss of your relationship, take a few moments to pause that marathon of Say Yes To The Dress and take your spoon out of the Ben & Jerry’s to remember there are a few perks to your break up. 
You’ll grow closer to your girlfriends. Hopefully you're the kind of woman who always made time for her girlfriends because now more than ever you'll need them to lean on. Make dates to meet up whether you cherish their advice or know they'll listen without judgment. Enjoying dinner, drinks or coffee together is like free therapy. Spend time with your friend who always makes you laugh and the one who wants to hear every single ridiculous detail of the breakup, so you can get it all off your chest. And an added perk to getting to know your friends better? They may even offer to treat you, because you'd do it for them too!

You can indulge in your guilty pleasures without the guilt. Go ahead and order Chicken Pad Thai to devour in your bedroom while watching hours of The Real Housewives of New Jersey without feeling embarrassed. This is your time to do the stuff your guy would have rolled his eyes at.

You’ll benefit from post-workout endorphins more than ever. Go for a run to clear your mind, take a heart pumping spin class or calm yourself down with Vinyasa Flow. Take time each day to squeeze in fitness. You'll benefit from the happy hormones and maybe even drop a few pounds along the way.

You can buy whatever you want. You deserve those sky-high heels and especially that luxurious West Elm duvet. Don’t go overboard charging your Amex until you’ve hit your limit, but little gifts to yourself during a breakup are nice reminders that you don’t need someone else gifting you to get special treats.

You can eat whatever you want. Emotional devastation usually leads to a loss in appetite, but if comfort foods or sweets give you a temporary high, enjoy whatever you want to eat during the first few days or weeks of the breakup. No one would judge a newly single girl for binging on salt and vinegar chips. 

You’ll be the focus of everyone’s matchmaking. Friends, coworkers and roommates will bring their eligible single friends to your door. Even if you’re not ready to move on by going on dates or sleeping with someone new, just having the option to flirt and show off your newly single confidence will get your mind off of the heartbreak.

You can fantasize about - or act upon - a whole new life. Move to a new city, go to grad school to pursue your passion in creative writing, adopt a dog or maybe just color your hair. Whatever you choose to dream about - or follow through on - may do some good for your confidence and daily routine rut. A change in your relationship status may be the kick in the butt you need to advance your career or take you on a whole new path without any strings attached.

You can fall in love again. Believing you’ll find someone else is hard to imagine when you’re still crying yourself to sleep, but you will. You really will! And when you do, you’ll feel butterflies during your first kiss and maybe this time, he’ll be “the one.”

What do you think are the perks of breaking up? xo

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