Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fitwalker at Superstar Gym in TriBeCa

Some might say New Yorkers are obsessed with boutique fitness classes. And some of us will pay almost any price for the best workouts, apparel, gear and accessories. Take one of my best friends, who has admitted to paying almost $1,120 per month on her fitness routine!
So what's about to be NYC's next fitness craze? After making a name for itself in the European health scene, Fitwalker, a results-driven cardio workout has recently launched in the U.S. for the first time, exclusively at Superstar Gym in TriBeCa.

The Fitwalker is a self-powered treadmill designed with group exercise in mind. Led by an expert instructor and set to a motivating, heart-pumping soundtrack, you’ll follow along with fun moves to increase balance, coordination and stamina. Both intense cardio and strength training intervals mix up the class, so you’re never bored! 

During their first press class last month, I worked up a serious sweat. As a spin class fan I loved working on this machine because much like a spin bike, I could control the resistance and speed as I pushed myself to my limits. The Fitwalker may look like a treadmill, but it's powered by you! What's your favorite boutique fitness class? xo

Fitwalker at Superstar Gym. 452 Washington Street.

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