Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 Reasons To Avoid Social Media During A Break Up

Whether you're on a break or your relationship is over for good, you may want to consider a “social media vacation,” as mentioned in my post on How To Handle Social Media After A BreakupA few days off from the internet gives both people in the breakup a non-public mourning period for a chance to go through those initial, emotional moments without saying (or reading) something hurtful or rude online. It also helps to avoid seeing those who are happily head-over-heels in love when you're sobbing in bed with delivery Pad Thai watching re-runs of Say Yes To The Dress.
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At the time I had blogged about handling social media after a breakup, I was ending a few month fling with a guy who didn’t respect me and frankly, I knew wasn’t boyfriend material. But I was going through a transition with my career, so during a rocky time, I thought all I wanted was casual fun. And all that “fun” led to me blocking him not only from my life, but from all aspects of my digital world too.

Our modern lives are filled with status updates, check-ins and filtered photos. It's difficult to avoid seeing what your ex has been up to since you last spoke in this social media heavy society. To keep your thoughts focused on what you really want and what's good for you, it may be best to consider my suggested "social media vacation." 

Want more solid reasons to avoid being logged in?

Relationship status update. Were you “in a relationship” on Facebook? Having to publicly breakup online is pretty shitty. Especially when friends can comment. Avoid making this change visible, unless you want to read your girlfriends' two-cents about how “he was a douchebag anyway” or requests from random men from your past asking you out for a drink.

Engagement announcements. And those always present diamond ring photos. Who wants to see those when the guy you had hoped would propose has walked away?

Professionally shot wedding albums. Gorgeous photos of the happy bride and groom may send you intro a crying fit. You can wait to "like" and comment on your friend's beautiful photos once your loneliness has subsided in a few weeks.

His nearby “check-ins”. You won’t be able to stalk his whereabouts on Foursquare if you don't log in yourself. You're already wondering where he is and who he's with, so why torture yourself by actually seeing where he's dining or shopping? It will only lead to more anxious - and unnecessary - wondering.

His new profile photo. Seeing photos of your ex having fun with friends or God forbid a new girl, will only make you upset. If he did the breaking up, it's best not to see his new photos of his new life without you until you're completely focused on your new life without him.

Do you avoid social media for a few days or weeks after a breakup? xo

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