Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Should A Couple’s Parents Meet?

Once you’ve survived your first holiday as a couple and made his mother love you, there’s comes a time in your long-term relationship when you wonder when the right time is for both parents to meet.

(Meet The Fockers would be worst case scenario)
We all know that meeting the parents of your significant other is stressful enough, but once you and your man have been together for a year or so, both sets of parents are bound to start asking about their potential future in-laws. After another year – or five – goes by, you may wonder if it’s time to set up a play date for both families.

Your boyfriend is your best friend. He's the first person you call when you land your dream job or when you're anxious over medical results. He's there for you during good and bad times with his warm hugs and reassuring words. When you spend almost everyday together, it's hard not to want to get to know his family better and introduce your loved ones to his. It only seems natural, right?

At the latest, families should be introduced before the wedding festivities begin. But if you’re not engaged - but have made a serious commitment - should your parents meet each other?

Do you think if there’s still a chance you won’t walk down the isle one day, would you let them meet? Or should the families only be introduced if you’re wearing a ring?

When couples meet in New York City, they tend to come from different parts of the country - or world - and from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds, and sometimes with different first languages. When traveling is involved for both sets of parents to meet, should it only happen once you’re engaged? If you're all located in the same state - or even the same city - coordinating a meet and greet for both families doesn't seem as big of a deal. But, when travel is involved, it's worth putting some thought into.

Have you ever introduced your family to your significant other’s family? If so, how long had you been dating? xo

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