Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Motherly Advice For City Girls

(Yes, Mom is shaking it to Zumba in the white tank on the right)

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some of my own mother’s advice, collected from over the years. Whether I seek her guidance or cringe from her TMI random thoughts, my mom always has something to share in matters of love, career and beauty. From her money savings tips to hilarious dating tricks, these gems are just too good to keep from my fellow city girls! 

Dating and Relationships

Pee before – and after – sex. Mom’s not shy when it comes to talking about bedroom happenings. As she always says, “I was young once. I know what the kids are doing.” So make your frequent bathroom trips pre and post romps in the sheets to avoid a nasty UTI. Because mother knows best.

Keep an extra pair of panties in your purse. You’d hope she’s referring to a period mishap or last minute business trip without time to pack, but good ‘ole mom claims she isn’t a stranger to the culture of a walk of shame (And yes, you want to click on that link to read her classic comment on the topic). At least panties are small, so you can easily hide them in a clutch because you just never know when you’ll need them.


Don’t waste money on makeup remover. This helpful trick is good for when you’ve run out of your trusty eye makeup remover or want to cut down on products when traveling. Face moisturizer can remove your makeup. Just put a small amount on a cotton ball or tissue and wipe under and over your eyelids. You already know it’s safe for your face – since you use it everyday after you wash – and it easily wipes off even the nastiest mascara smudges. You’ll save a few bucks with this tip too!

Baby powder isn’t just for babies. No time to wash your hair? Sprinkle a little baby powder on your palms and rub into your scalp. It’s cheaper than dry shampoo and is just as effective. Got stinky feet in the summer? Wash those toes then pat dry and put some baby powder on your feet before slipping into your shoes. Suffer from chaffing when in a dress? Rub some baby powder on your inner thighs to protect yourself from “chub rub”. Deodorant can also fix this curvy female problem. Just swipe your stick before you head out the door for a chaffing-free few hours. 

Ice water can quick dry nail polish. Painting your own nails can save you some cash between manicure appointments, but waiting around for them to dry can feel like forever. Place your hands in a sink filled with cold water right after you’ve finished your top polish coat. Mom has always claimed this speeds up the drying process.


The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Mom says, speak up! Reach out to a past coworker, mail a handwritten note after an interview and share your ideas on a new team project. If you don’t make the extra effort, you may not be heard!

Use your resources. This is one of my mom’s catch phrases. And she uses it in more than just references to moving up the corporate ladder. “Using your resources” refers to taking advantage of whatever is given to you or is around you to excel or to save money. Got access to the company email directory? Sent a note to introduce yourself to someone in another department that you’d like to take for coffee and potentially learn from as a mentor. Drank all of your water during spin class? Fill it up for free at the fountain in the gym instead of buying another $4 SmartWater.

Health and Nutrition

Start your day with warm water and lemon. Cleansing may be all the rage, but even my momma knows that a hot cup of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon can act as a system cleanse each morning. No need for fancy - or expensive - diuretics to cleanse when you’ve been binging.

Pack snacks. Always have a healthy treat in your purse to “manage your blood sugars.” From a clementine to string cheese, mom always has a healthy snack on hand when shopping or running errands. Sure, it's embarrassing when she starts peeling fruits in the Nordstrom shoe department, but you'll be glad she did when you're craving something sweet and don't want to ruin your diet with an Auntie Anne's Pretzel.

What are your mom's tips and tricks? Share her advice in the comments below! xo

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