Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Does Your Boyfriend Take Care Of You When You're Sick?

Once the nausea hit, I spent most of the afternoon and evening running in and out of my cramped East Village studio bathroom. Food poisoning can be the worst. Thankfully, my boyfriend left work early yesterday (after my Gchat tales of projectile vomiting) and arrived with cans of soup, ginger ale, Gatorade, popsicles and whole wheat bread to toast. 
(image via Glamour)
As most of us who've lived through food poisoning or a stomach bug can attest to, it is not a pretty sight. From the coughing up of bile to crying over the bowl, getting sick infront of your significant other can be mortifying when you first start dating. Luckily for me, it's been almost two years, so there was no embarrassment, just plain appreciation for his dutiful efforts to scrub my toilet and microwave (and then spoon feed) chicken noodle soup.  

What happened the first time you got sick infront of your guy? Did he jump in to take on the caregiver role or give you some space until you got better? And did you mind baring your makeup-smudged face and vomit stained pajamas?

Affection is an important way to show love, but actively taking care of someone when they're sick or down-and-out in any way is really something special. When my guy has been sick - like this winter's month of Mono or a self-induced "sick" after too much wine - I was there to rub his back, give him meds and clean up the mess.

Share how your guy played nurse to show he cared (or embarrassing stories) in the comments below xo

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