Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moules Frites at Jacques Brasserie's Belgian Feast

Moules Frites is an indulgence that takes seafood lovers on a trip to Paris at their table. Getaway to France, if only in your culinary dreams, at Jacques Brasserie, a classic French Bistro on the Upper East Side.

Sundays through Thursdays from 5:30-7pm, head uptown to enjoy a heaping pot of Moules Frites with a draft beer of your choice for just $22. Choose from a selection of broths, including Marinieres (Chardonnay, garlic, parsley) and Dijonnaise (mustard, shallots, garlic).

This heavy meal is a great deal for the price - piles of mussels, fries, a beer, and fresh out of the oven bread for dipping into the flavorful mussel broth will keep you stuffed at under $30 per person!

From Escargots to Salad Ni├žoise, make sure to try other French delicacies when cozying up to your date or gossiping with your best girlfriends over the Belgian Feast at Jacques Brasserie.

Jacques Brasserie. 204-206 E 85th St.

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