Monday, March 18, 2013

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: What Not To Say To A Bride

(Your favorite bridesmaid. Who always smiles and nods)

“Wait. Engaged? Already? But you just met him a few months ago!” You may have been buying rounds of shots on the night they drunkenly met at a dive bar – a mere 6 months ago – but it’s best to keep any judgment about the relationship to yourself once he’s put a ring on it, especially if she’s not your sister or best friend. Trust that she’s an adult and can make her own decisions in love. If she thinks he’s Mr. Right – and he isn’t a criminal or a known cheater – then just send her best wishes on her engagement. Keep the eye rolling for a catch up session with another friend.

“I’m so broke after charging my flight to your wedding.” If someone is having a destination wedding, or is inviting guests to celebrate back in her hometown across the country, she knows how much it’s going to cost you. She also knows that not everyone can afford to travel, so go or don’t, but do not make her feel guilty for emptying your savings to attend. The only time it’s appropriate to bring up the cost with the bride is if you’re politely letting her know that you can’t afford to attend her wedding a few months in advance. She’ll understand when you’re just being honest, rather than bitching about the cost.

“Your dress is nice, but…” If the bride invited you to Kleinfeld's with her entourage, then go ahead and be honest to help her find the most flattering gown for her shape in her price range. If you weren’t in attendance during the shopping session, it’s best not to offer your opinion on what she’s purchased to wear on her big day. Adding in your two cents about the style, cut and fit will hurt her feelings when it’s now too late to buy another dress. Everyone has different thoughts on what makes a bride’s gown perfect – lace, mermaid flare, a sash – so keep your criticism to yourself for now and just apply your style tips to your own future bridal fitting.

“Red and yellow? But that’s so ‘McDonald’s’, no?” Everyone has their own opinion on the perfect color scheme, prettiest flowers and most romantic venue. It all comes down to personal taste, and everyone’s taste is different. Let her have her clashing color combination or funeral-esque flowers. Just speak up to help her from making any costly mistakes.

“You should sign up for that Central Park boot camp to slim down quick.” Suggesting weight loss ideas, like cleanses and new workouts, will always be a sensitive subject with women, unless they’ve asked for the advice. Avoid mentioning self-improvement topics to an already self-conscious bride-to-be unless she comes to you for tips to look and feel her best.

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