Thursday, March 28, 2013

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: How To Give A Wedding Toast

(Engagement party toasts gone wrong in Bridesmaids)

We’ve all witnessed an awkward best man speech that offends grandma or the maid of honor who gave a generic toast that was clearly swiped from The Knot. Whether you’re the bride’s sister or BFF these tips will help you write the perfect toast for the happy couple.

Be yourself. Maybe you’re the gal who makes everyone laugh or you’ve always been the well-spoken confidant who gives great advice. The best wedding toasts are hilarious or heartfelt - know what type of toast fits your personality to write in your natural voice.

Be specific. All newlyweds are “in love” and “made for each other.” Instead of boring or obvious descriptions of the couple, tell a story. Maybe the moment when you realized your friend had fallen head-over-heels for her man or the tale of how you introduced the now happy couple at your 30th birthday party. Details help, so the more specific you can be, the better!

Remember, it’s not about you. Sure, you’re her maid of honor or bridesmaid because she’s your best friend, but this is not the time for sorority nostalgia. While touching upon some memories you had together, make sure those tidbits lead to a story about the couple or relate to why they’re so great for each other. It’s their day, not a college reunion event.

Stay Sober. Save the tequila shots for later in the evening on the dance floor. Don’t get drunk before giving your toast in front of all of their friends and family or you may just embarrass yourself. If you need to calm your nerves, have a glass of wine or champagne, but don’t get wasted before you get on the microphone. 

Finish with a toast. This may seem obvious, but don't forget to finish your speech with a sentiment that everyone can raise their glass to in celebration of the newly married couple!

Have you ever given or witnessed an awful wedding toast? xo

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