Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Girlfriend Therapy

(Girlfriend therapy with my favorite city gals at a winery)

Venting to your girlfriends about your annoying ex boyfriend, douchey boss or your recent weight gain of 3lbs, is the norm for most ladies. Our best gals are our sounding boards for both daily dramas and serious situations. For those of us who aren't anxious, depressed or traumatized enough to require a paid therapist (and if you are, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that) we rely on our girlfriends to hear every little issue and dish out advice accordingly. 

Most of the time, girlfriend therapy entails the re-telling of an interaction with your crush, while your friends digest each and every word to translate the true meaning. Forwarding texts, emails, tweets and Facebook posts from Mr. Right Now to get analyzed by your crew can be a daily task. "What do you think he meant by 'maybe'?" "Who is that blonde with the big nose who keeps posting on his wall?"

When you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend or husband may be your best friend, but there are just some conversations that are for girls-only. No matter how in love you are, remember to take my advicealways make time for your girlfriends.

What do you chat (and gossip) about during girlfriend therapy with your best gals? xo

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