Friday, March 8, 2013

Do You Embellish Your ‘How We Met’ Story?

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Are we all guilty of romanticizing how we met our significant other when we retell the tale? Or do we purposely leave out details that may embarrass us infront of family or friends?

For many couples, meeting happened in an ordinary way - at a coworker's birthday, during college at a frat party or around the office. Maybe there was an awkward encounter or an alcohol induced moment when you shared you first kiss. Rarely do we have the type of story my dear friend Meg had when she met her handsome husband on the PATH. Fated love and serendipity feel like things out of a Nora Ephron flick for most of us.

When ‘our story’ doesn’t feel like a scripted romantic comedy, do we tend to elaborate to make our experience sound out of the ordinary? My boyfriend and I worked together at a tech startup, where neither of us were very happy. When we first met, he had a girlfriend, whom he was in the middle of breaking up with, while I was pining over an Ivy League hipster who barely noticed we were friends.

We began working together on a project over the course of my last month in that office. He made me laugh all day long with his sarcasm and wit. Did I find him attractive in a romantic sense? No, not yet. But I enjoyed the humor he added to my otherwise stressful work routine. On my last day at the office, at my going away party, we both had a few too many shots, provoking me to pull him in for a kiss near the bathroom at the back of Idle Hands Bar before sneaking out together. Classy, right? Our dirty dive bar make out session isn't a story for the kids one day (if there ever are said kids), but nonetheless, it’s still our story of how we met. Or at least, when we decided we could be more than friends.

Does my guy wish he could tell people that he saved me from a hit and run by a cab? Or that friends introduced us because they thought our mutual love for writing would make us a perfect fit? Sure, but those scenarios are just not ‘our story.’

So, how do we usually recap how we started dating? When meeting new people, we generally say that we “used to work together and started dating once I left that job because we were friends.” But of course, there was a bit more scandal (and booze) involved. That’s our cleaned up, go-to version.

Do you tell a cleaned up version too? Or do you elaborate a bit to make it sound exciting and romantic?

Share in the comments section below - because I’m dying to know! What’s the real story of how you met your significant other and do you ever edit it for dramatic flare? xo


  1. demetri and i met at a fourth of july picnic under the brooklyn bridge in 2009 (or maybe it was 2010). he was too shy to talk to me and i ignored him the whole time because i sort of hated men at the time and it was also really hot. sometime during the end of the picnic he tried to strike up conversation by asking me about a burger place in bondi beach (australia). i had no idea what he was talking about.

    we're getting married this august :) and we tell people that we locked eyes under the brooklyn bridge on the fourth of july and it was love at first sight. ha.

    P.S. i remember that going away party and that boozy make-out sesh! i KNEW james had a thing for you the entire time...

  2. Brent and I met at the office. We were always friends but never that close. There were always little signs (when he brought me cupcakes from my favorite bakery on my birthday or when he would invite ne to lunch) but I never noticed. He saw me studying for a test and he started to ask questions about my books. that's when he unleashed the charm. it wasn't until I ended my relationship and started dressing up that his attraction became obvious (to me). so I asked him out. he's amazing. and I'm very happy.

  3. Love those stories, ladies! xx


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