Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: 6 Tips To Enjoy A Bachelorette Party

As a self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, I’ve got you covered on ideas for different types of bachelorette parties and where to shop for bachelorette gifts in New York CityTo survive the night as a single girl or bridesmaid, these tips will ensure that all guests and the bride-to-be will enjoy this special night out on the town.
(My lovely friend and bride-to-be, Belinda)
Eat a substantial meal. Don’t skip dinner on this night of debauchery. Choose your food wisely at a bachelorette dinner to load up on carbs and healthy nutrients before indulging in hours of boozing. Don’t go to a cheap sushi joint or just munch on a salad or you’ll be asking for trouble in the bar bathroom a mere few hours later! Don’t worry about ruining your diet. It’s a night to indulge. You can get back to calorie counting and spin class tomorrow (or once your hangover is gone).

Pick your poison (and stick to it). Rounds of Café Patron shots mixed with craft beers and vodka sodas will make everyone’s hangovers horrible in the morning. Stick to one type of alcohol all night long to avoid waking up with your bride’s head stuck in the toilet.

No boys allowed. Really. I know I don’t have to tell you that boyfriends and husbands aren’t welcome on this ultimate girls’ night, but this also goes for random men any single ladies in the party may meet that night on the dance floor. Don’t invite men back to your hotel room. Not only is that disrespectful to your fellow bridesmaids, but the focus needs to stay on the bride’s fun - not your desire for a one night stand.

Be willing to pay for comfort. Spend more where it’s needed - whether that means a cab to get everyone home safely over a late night subway ride or a luxury hotel for everyone to be comfortable in a bed or pullout couch, rather than snoozing on a hard, cold bathroom floor.

Don’t invite Debbie Downer. Party poopers bum everyone out, especially the bride. Invite friends who are excited to celebrate and won’t be negative all night about their body image, lack of male attention or the amount of money they’ll have to dish out for dinner and drinks.

Have fun. Don’t forget that main goal is to have fun! Let loose, dance and recap the juicy details in the morning over brunch! xo

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  1. I do have to say that a good prep before drinking involves lots of protein. Carbs are the comfort for the hangover but to stimulate your liver functions, nothing preps your stomach like a good steak or a hearty piece of salmon. protein! On my birthday i had NINE shots of patron with my filet mignon. I felt a little tipsy and the following morning i woke up feelign amazing. I owe it all to the top shelf tequila and the rich in iron and protein steak.
    We rented a party bus for my friends bachelorette party- make sure the toilet on the party bus works- that was a messy and disgusting night.


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