Monday, February 4, 2013

10 Tips for the Best Blowout for Valentine’s Day from Salon Ziba in NYC

Want a sexy, full blowout for your Valentine’s Day date, but don’t want to dish out the cash for a salon appointment? Stylist Daniel Andres at Salon Ziba in the West Village has come to our rescue with great tips for the perfect blowout at home!

Last week I was treated to both a blowout and lesson from the talented stylist, along with glasses of champagne and indulgent chocolate strawberries to get us all into the Valentine’s Day spirit. With Daniel’s tips and tricks you’ll have hot hair for Valentine’s Day and any other special event or date night.

Start with clean and conditioned hair. Wash, condition then towel dry to prepare for your blowout.

Apply a smoothing serum to towel dried hair. Once you’ve towel or air dried for a few minutes, apply a smoothing serum or another light product to help protect hair from the heat of the dryer and to prevent flyaway strands.

Blow dry excess water. Start by blow-drying your mane until it’s about 60-70% dry. This will help cut the time when you’re drying sections for a curly or straight look.

Separate hair into sections. Divide your partially dried hair into sections and secure with clips or ponytail holders.

Dry the roots first. With each section, aim the dryer at your roots to make sure they’re dry before you begin to roll sections onto the brush. The ends of your hair dry quicker than your roots, so by drying the roots first, you’ll get an even and frizz-free blowout.

Use the right size round brush. A small to medium round-barreled brush will create tighter curls, while a large round-barreled brush will create loose waves. An extra large round-barreled or paddle brush is great for straight blowouts.

Hold hair sections taut as you dry. As you pull the brush through your hair, follow the brush with the dryer. Make sure to hold the tip of the dryer’s nozzle attachment against your hair on the brush to give it enough heat to set curls. For end-only curls, roll the brush about mid-length through your hair. For full curls, roll as high as you can go to the top of your scalp.

Pull your hair up, but aim down. When holding sections of your hair taut with the brush, pull your hair up for more volume, but aim the dryer down at your hair rolled into the brush. If you pull your hair down with the brush, you’ll get flat rather than full hair.

Finish with a water based oil serum. Weigh down any frizz with a shine serum or balm. If you have thin or oily hair, make sure the oil serum is water based, rather than made from mostly oil, which can make your hair look greasy.

Dry shampoo is the key to a long lasting blowout. To keep your blowout looking fabulous long after Valentine’s Day, invest in a good dry shampoo to keep your hair clean and oil-free between washes. Salon Ziba’s Dry Cleaner is a dry shampoo that adds volume to your style, keeping it looking fresh and lively – even 2 or 3 days later!

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