Friday, December 14, 2012

Lorna Kleidman's KettleX Class in NYC

For those who think kettlebells are just a weight, you haven’t met Lorna Kleidman. This fantastic trainer runs the fat-burning, sweat-inducing, heart-pumping KettleX class in New York City. Her popular kettlebell classes will kick your booty into serious shape - just in time for your New Year's resolutions! Sure, we’ve all resolved to fit into our skinny jeans and get back to our college weight before, but this year, you can reach those goals if you’re willing to work hard with Lorna.

I attended KettleX earlier this month with Lorna’s lovely publicist (who happened to be a fellow Wagner College alum). While I’m an avid spinner and love a bootcamp class from time to time, I’ve only taken a few kettlebell classes and never really loved it. I was, of course, never trained correctly on how to hold, swing and manage the kettlebells, leaving my back a bit sore after class. Lorna’s personalized attention for each student in KettleX will make you not only feel special (“Great job, Sarah - keep it up!”) but will make sure you’re executing each exercise correctly and most importantly, safely.
A few minutes into Lorna’s class and you’ll be sweating. Such a feel-good sweat! Mini routines are repeated throughout the class and she even adds a riser step in for some extra cardio with the kettlebells. Using both light weight and super heavy kettlebells, you’ll feel muscles working that you didn’t know you could work. And you’ll feel those babies long after class ended the next morning.

Lorna’s positive energy and enthusiasm for what she does (and clearly loves to do), will keep you pushing through this tough workout. Classes are $50 each, which sounds steep, but in NYC we all know that other boutique fitness classes like Soul Cycle and Physique 57 also run a pricey individual class bill. But think about it this way - personal training sessions can run around $150 each and with Lorna’s individual attention and small class size, it’s like you’re getting a steal of a deal when you take her KettleX class! Add KettleX into your regular fitness routine this New Year for added calorie burning sessions and you’ll see a real change in your body. Just look at Lorna's healthy physique!

Check out Lorna’s KettleX and other classes at The Fitness Cell Collective. xo

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