Friday, December 21, 2012

Cuddle Up To Free Dates From HowABoutWe For Couples

New Yorkers have endless date options - snagging reservations at the newest celebrity chef restaurant, a summer afternoon picnic in Central Park, late-night cocktails at a “secret” speakeasy - I could go on and on. But, when you’ve been a couple for a while, weekends are filled with running errands rather than leisurely boozy brunches and Friday evening intimate dates are now nights in on the couch with a full DVR and a bottle of cheap wine.

When things have gotten a bit too comfortable or you’re just looking to find new, exciting experiences in the city that doesn’t sleep, HowAboutWe for Couples is a subscription service designed specifically for those of us in love and looking to get of the apartment for some old fashion romance - wining and dining, cool concerts and more!

Sign up for HowAboutWe for Couples and each month you and your significant other will receive a new “DateBook” - filled with pre-planned, one-of-a-kind experiences in the city you love.
HowAboutWe for Couples membership (for only $22 per month) gets you FREE HowAboutWe Dates each month, sold-out tickets and members-only events, up to 75% off other HowAboutWe Dates and Couples Rewards. Not sure if you’ll love these curated dates? No worries - membership requires no commitment and you can pause or cancel at any time. Dates on HowAboutWe for Couples can also be purchased as a non-member, without the member discount and other benefits.

HowAboutWe knows how busy couples are. Especially NYC couples running from work to the gym to events to finally crashing in bed late-night. That’s why most dates are flexible and can be scheduled whenever you decide. Some are one-time-only scheduled events, like performances or special excursions, but others can be booked at your convenience. Whether it’s a delivered brunch to your apartment to enjoy a lazy and sexy Sunday morning in or a night out on the town at a fabulous restaurant with multiple courses, HowAboutWe for Couples has tons of flexible options for dates!

I’ll be trying out a HowAboutWe for Couple date with my guy after the holidays (as his few weeks with mono have put a damper on any date night fun this month) and will be sure to report back on just how fabulous our date was with a full recap. Go ahead and book your date now too. 

Happy Dating and Happy Holidays! xx

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  1. guess who wants to sign up??!? THIS GIRL!
    Great idea!


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