Monday, December 3, 2012

A Luxurious Breakfast Menu to Launch at The Russian Tea Room

(The Russian Tea Room via Sarah Spigelman)

Breakfast in NYC is usually a meal we (barely have time to) enjoy while rushing to work - like grabbing a yogurt parfait, oatmeal or just a coffee at our local shop. But, when you’ve got an hour or two for a leisurely breakfast or want to impress an out-of-town guest, make reservations for a luxurious breakfast at The Russian Tea Room.

This New York City landmark will be launching a breakfast menu, to the delight of tourists and New Yorkers in need of a staycation. This is no cheap eats type of meal - this breakfast is as ornate as the restaurant itself and is meant to make you feel like a Russian princess.
(Frittata via Sarah Spigelman)
The Frittata with Cheddar, Bacon, Potato and Onion is creamy and filling. There’s also a vegetarian option on the menu, but how many of us can really resist bacon in the morning?
(Czar's Eggs. More on my Instagram)
The Czar’s Eggs are a real treat. Two eggs are soft boiled, topped with Salmon roe, served with blini and traditional accompaniments are for a whooping $25. Again, this isn’t meant to be a cheap diner-style breakfast. Indulge in the soft, but firm whites with thick, gooey yolks. The salmon eggs are briny but not salty, to compliment the buttery yolk. The tastes of sour cream and red onion are reminders of traditional caviar accompaniments. The blinis are well made, but only bite size, so make sure to order extra bread if egg yolk dipping is your thing. And the tiny flecks of gold remind you that you’re in a pretty swanky spot.

This visit to The Russian Tea Room was my first, but it won’t be my last. Dress up, make a reservation, and dine at The Russian Tea Room to spend the morning in old school luxury or book dinner to impress your date in a whole new (yet old) world.

The Russian Tea Room. 150 West 57th Street.

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  1. I, for one, cannot resist bacon in the morning, or the whole day for that matter. The Frittata sounds delicious, and seems pretty easy to make. Since I have some bacon in stock, I'm gonna whip up one for me tomorrow for breakfast.


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