Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief in NYC

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As the snow fell last night in New York City, I couldn't help but feel heartbroken for those in the NYC and New Jersey area still without heat or even worse, who had lost their homes during Hurricane Sandy

Last week I shared information on volunteer opportunities and where to make donations. Here are more creative ways to make a difference for a neighbor, friend or loved one in need.

Open your home. Have a spare room in your apartment or are you are out of the city for a month for work? Airbnb is helping New Yorkers list their homes for free for those who have no where to stay. 

Bake. Join in on the kid-friendly Sandy Bake Sale. Show off your skills with an oven or purchase sweets to enjoy, while helping those in need.

Shop. These Sandy Relief t-shirts show your love to New York City neighborhoods who were affected by the storm, while giving all proceeds to charity.

Share how you're volunteering or donating after Hurricane Sandy in the comments below xo

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