Thursday, October 25, 2012

Order Downtown Cookie Co. for Halloween and Thanksgiving Treats in NYC

Tired of boring candy corn and pumpkin desserts all season long? Thanks to Downtown Cookie Co.’s newly launched holiday season cookies, you can treat your friends and cutie trick-or-treaters to something special this Halloween or impress your family this Thanksgiving. Heck, why not do both?
The October Cookie of the Month is a bag of Candy Corn Bites - fresh, soft candy corn shortbread cookies. These are adorable to celebrate Halloween and the fall season. Send a bag to your friends or to the little kids in your family back home in the burbs, who’ll want more than sugary candy to celebrate the holiday. Each ‘corn’ is about two-bites worth of buttery baked goodness.
Now get ready for something pretty darn creative (and delicious). The November Cookie of the Month is Stuffing, because who said dessert has to come after dinner? Made with real stuffing (no poultry, of course), cranberries and cinnamon, this unconventional cookie is something you have to taste to believe. Share these Thanksgiving-themed treats with relatives you’ll miss during the holiday or selfishly enjoy these soft, savory yet sweet cookies with a mug of hot apple cider.

Downtown Cookie Co. ships anywhere in the country and you'll find their fresh cookies at various coffee shops around the city. xo

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