Friday, October 5, 2012

Highpoint Bistro & Bar is a Chelsea Best Kept Secret

When shopping in Chelsea, whether at a high-class boutique or digging through the bargains at Marshalls, a girl can get pretty darn hungry. While Chelsea has some great spots to enjoy a serious cocktail and you know you can get great pizza at Donatella, where do you go for a healthy, flavorful dinner or lunch that any of your shopping companions will love?

Highpoint Bistro and Bar should be your new go-to spot for a post-shopping meal in Chelsea. This best kept secret is pretty unknown probably because of their modest d├ęcor as you pass by on busy Seventh Avenue. While there’s outdoor seating - which we all love in NYC on a warm fall day - when you peak inside, Highpoint just appears to be a cute, clean bar. But listen up; it is so much more than a stop to grab a quick drink.

The long menu at Highpoint offers dishes for everyone. You know that vegetarian or picky eater who isn’t happy unless they choose the restaurant? Even those friends will be thrilled with the options at Highpoint. This menu is packed with starters, meals and sides for Vegetarians, seafood lovers and meat-eaters, and can even satisfy your fall comfort food cravings.
The meal appropriately starts with bread served in a shopping cart. And not just any bread; but hot, made-to-order, fluffy seasoned bread. This naan-like offering is enough to make carb lovers come back to Highpoint again and again.
Kids of any age will freak out over the Mini Kobe Corn Dogs! These delicious bites are served with spicy mustard and would make the perfect party platter appetizer at your next apartment get together.
The Tuna Tartare Tacos are a standout bite when looking to share a starter at the table. Fresh raw tuna is topped with tobiko, avocado mousse, cucumber noodles and spicy mayo, bringing your favorite sushi plate all the way to Mexico.
For entrees, there are some non-traditional takes on some traditional offerings. “Not Your Mother’s” Meatloaf is the perfect example. The meatloaf itself is served in the shape of a giant meatball, rather than a sliced loaf. Rather than being wrapped in unhealthy bacon, this meatball of sorts is coated in a flavorful barbecue sauce, served with truffle mac-n-cheese, baby carrots and green beans.

A popular vegetarian dish is the Watermelon “Steak” au Poivre, highlighting a grilled watermelon served with shaved jicama, asparagus, grapefruit and tomato. Veggies and fruit may sound light, but this meal is somehow hearty enough to fill up any vegetarian or meat lover who wants to mix up their routine.

Before you shop until you (literally) drop in Chelsea, visit Highpoint for a delicious and healthy meal, before getting right back out there nabbing the next biggest sale with the rest of NYC’s fashionistas.

Highpoint Bistro & Bar. 216 Seventh Ave.

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