Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Date Safely With A Second Mobile Number From MyAKA


Have you ever given a guy your number at a bar only to regret it moments later when he said something creepy? Or have you endured an awful first date, followed by 3 voicemails and 10 texts the next day until you finally answer to tell this stalker you’re busy and not interested in a second date?
(What is MyAKA?)
For all of us who want our privacy from men we’ve just met, there’s now MyAKA, a second mobile number for your cell phone, to protect your personal information and identity. Your second mobile number will even be in your local area code, allowing two mobile numbers on the phone you already have - so no need for a second phone to purchase and manage contacts. And since the number is local, it won’t look like a fake to a guy you’ve just met who thinks you might stand him up.
(How Does MyAKA Work?)
My AKA provides real number protection on incoming and outgoing calls unlike forwarding services that you may have considered in the past. Your new assigned number is not linked to your information in any way - keeping you protected from creepers. You’ll even have full voice and text message support in the United States and Canada; so new guys you meet can still text you, if you’d like to avoid having a long phone conversation to tell him “adios”.
(Date safely with MyAKA)
Number blocking and unblocking is easy with MyAKA, so you can continue to use this service, even after it didn’t work out with Mr. Right Now. There’s even a Do Not Disturb feature which sends calls to voicemail and stores text messages when enabled. It’s simple to sign up and get started with MyAKA - no apps, downloads or Internet required. So, if you can’t afford a smartphone (or refuse to get with the technology trends) all features are controlled via text message.

Want a 7 Day FREE Trial? Wonder if there's a catch? Nope! With this special offer for my readers you can enjoy seven worry-free days of flirting with MyAKA, without even entering your credit card! And when you decide to keep the service, you can upgrade your number in two easy steps at the MyAKA site. It’s as simple as that to date safely this fall. Sign up today for a fun second mobile number with no-strings-attached.

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