Thursday, October 18, 2012

8 NYC-centric Halloween Costumes

(Halloween party fun!)

Halloween will be here before we know it, which means if you don’t have a costume yet, you’ll either be stuck in a long, long line, fighting the crowds at the costume shop in Union Square or it's time to get creative!

Whether you’re planning to attend the Village Halloween Parade or imbibe at an apartment party, you’ll either want to look sexy, make everyone laugh or at least have an interesting enough costume to get your fellow tipsy trick-or-treaters talking.

What costumes can truly impress generally unimpressed New Yorkers? This list of NYC-centric Halloween costumes may just spark enough creativity to win a costume contest!

East Village Topless Activist. If you’ve got no shame, take off your top and burn that bra while you wander the streets. Apparently it’s legal, so go ahead and get naked this Halloween.

A Giant Soda. Since Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to control our intake of sugary beverages seemed to upset or excite New Yorkers, why not celebrate our new inability to make our own choices by duck taping large McDonald’s cups around your body and strapping a straw to your head?

Hipster. This may be the easiest costume of the bunch. You probably own some hipster-fied garb in your everyday closet. But, since it’s Halloween, take it a bit further than a giant vintage hat, plastic frames from the 70’s and unflattering high-waited Lee jeans. Follow the leads of Halloween or Williamsburg.

Occupy Wall Street-er. Get crafty with homemade protest signs, leash a sad puppy to walk with you and "forget" to shower.

New York Firefighter. Who doesn’t love a sexy hero? Take advantage of that good will to score free drinks. Ladies can get frisky in a Sexy Fire Lady costume for a really hot night. Wear a short skirt, strap on suspenders and buy a firefighter hat. Sure, in the good ‘ole sorority days, writing “we put out” on the front of our tanks and “fires” on the back, made for a trashy (yet funny) take on firefighting costumes, you can now class it up a bit more as an adult.

Barclay's Center and Protestor. Don't want Brooklyn to change? Just wear this t-shirt.

Awkward Tourist. Don a Statue of Liberty crown, hang a big camera around your neck, clip on a Carrie Bradshaw-approved fanny pack, carry an unfolded subway map and of course, rock an “I heart NYC” t-shirt. Extra points if you’ve got a non-New Yawk accent.

Rockette. Live out your showgirl fantasy by spending the night as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. High kick your way from party to party so you can show off those long, lean legs you worked so hard for all summer.

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