Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet The Newest Food Truck to Park in NYC: Mac Truck

When looking to escape your office for those precious 60 minutes of free time to enjoy lunch, your routine of a chopped salad or whole wheat sandwich can get pretty darn boring. If your office is in Midtown, you may just be lucky enough to come across a few rotating food trucks each day to mix up your lunch routine.
Mac Truck is the newest foodie haven on wheels to drive into the food truck scene in New York City, having parked for the first time this week in a few spots around Midtown. After spending the summer serving hungry onlookers at the racetrack in Saratoga, Mac Truck made its way to the city to feed the perfect fall season comfort food to the starving masses of office workers in Manhattan.
Mac Truck offers a basic Mac and Cheese for only $6, featuring piping hot, creamy cheeses. This mac may be standard, but it is not boring. The truck offers sauces to spice things up - free of charge - such as Frank’s Red Hot and Sriracha, among other condiments that you can get mixed in or packaged to go in a tiny cup to blend in when back at your desk.
Each day there will be a special mac offered for $1 or so more. Yesterday, Buffalo Chicken Mac was the featured dish. This macaroni cup was stuffed with crumbled thigh meat, boasting creamy cheeses blended with hot sauce then topped with crumbed blue cheese within seconds after you placed your order. The buffalo sauce wasn’t too spicy, so those who don’t like it hot have no fear – the hot sauce does not mask the delicious flavors of the cheese. For those who want it spicier, you can always add extra hot sauce, as it’s available in the truck’s window to pour right on your cup of mac.

To make it a not so well balanced meal (but a delicious one) for only $8 you can get an order of mac and cheese, a drink and chips. For another dollar you can make the special mac of the day a meal deal as well. For a full lunch under $10, this is a cheap eats steal!

Mac Truck has arrived just in time to satisfy your comfort food cravings this fall in New York City. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out where they’ll be parked daily, plus info on their rotating special mac and cheese of the day. 

Welcome to NYC, Mac Truck! xo

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