Friday, August 10, 2012

The 5 Lies Brides Tell

(My beautiful college roommate Carrie is an exception to these rules)

Prepping, planning and preparing for her special day, stresses out even the most put together bride. As a matter of fact, the soon-to-be newlywed may feel so anxious she almost starts to believe the lies she tells to keep her fiancé, future mother-in-law and especially her bridal party happy (or at least satisfied). From little white lies to flat out fabrications, bridesmaids beware!

OMG I just got engaged and wanted you to be the first to know! Sure, you may have been the first of her friends whom she called, after she reached out to her parents, siblings, aunts, cousins and the nosy neighbor. This little fib is only meant to make her bestest friends feel special. Whether it’s the truth or a lie, who cares? Just congratulate her and share in her happiness!

You’ll definitely wear the dress again. “You can always shorten it. Or wear it to another wedding. Or to a charity gala.” The options a bride will give you for future uses for your bridesmaid gown are endless. Just nod your head, smile and wear your bright orange dress down the isle - then donate it to a girl in need when the new Mrs. is away on her honeymoon.

You girls can pick any dress you want. Well, within reason. And in her favorite color to match the flowers.  As a bridesmaid, just accept that even if she says she wants you to buy and wear a dress you “want” it will really just be a dress she loves for her photos that she hopes you won’t completely hate. Wear what your bride prefers, but of course if money is an issue, speak up before the shopping begins!

I could never be a Bridezilla. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but even the sweetest, calmest and most considerate bride, may have a moment or two of bridal insanity. If your frazzled bride is sassy or rude during a mini crisis, just let it slide. She really has a lot on her shoulders with both plans and finances. But, if she continues to behave like a sweet sixteen brat rather than a lady bride, give her a reality check.

You’re totally going to hit it off with the best man. She just KNOWS you’ll love her fiance’s grad school roommate. When you’re in love, you want your friends to find the same happiness, so acting like a matchmaker is only natural for your soon-to-be-betrothed gal pal with her single bridesmaids. Go along with her setup and just have fun! You may even find out that some of the groomsmen are actually dateable. 

What lies have brides told you? xo

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