Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Empanadas Bar Brings Argentina to the East Village

Finding the best cheap eats in the East Village is no difficult task, as this neighborhood is filled with delicious food options at affordable prices. The newest addition to this list of foodie-approved dining on a budget in the neighborhood is the recently opened Empanadas Bar.

After the closing of Ruben’s Empanadas, the neighborhood was itching for an authentic joint to get fresh, hot stuffed treats. While many found Ruben’s crust to be dry, they always delivered a good deal, including sides of rice and beans. At Empanadas Bar, you can expect their empanadas to steal the show – and make you forget all about Ruben’s offerings.
The authentic Cordobesa (“Sweet Meat”) with onions, peppers, olives, boiled eggs, raisins, spices and sugar gives a hearty bite and sweet notes without being overly saccharine. Carne Picante Idem (“Spicy Beef”) with onions, peppers, olives, boiled eggs, chipotle and a blend of spices has just the right kick. Cheese lovers shouldn’t miss out on the creamy Jamon Y Queso (“Ham and Cheese”) with bubbling, hot melted cheese. Each empanada on their menu is special. With a variety of fillings, these hot, crispy pockets are your best bet at affordable comfort food this fall in the East Village.

Don't miss their homemade version of Chimichurri, the perfect cool and crisp dipping sauce for any of the savory empanadas.
For dessert, check out the Sweet Empanada, filled with dulce de leche or the Apple Empanada, basically a Venezuelan mini apple pie, filled with apples, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Each empanada goes for $3 or $3.50 each, so why not order a few and split them with a friend! 

Empanadas Bar. 438 E. 9th St.

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