Monday, August 20, 2012

6 Common New York City Dating Myths

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You can’t meet someone at a bar. The nightlife scene in New York City is notorious for strong, expertly crafted cocktails, creatively designed venues and of course, late-night hookups. While it’s not realistic (or ideal) to get black-out drunk and expect to find Prince Charming by the bar, you can in fact be social and flirty with new men you meet when out on the town. Having a couple drinks can relax your nerves, so you’ll feel more confident than when you’re completely sober to chat it up with someone you’ve just met. Try your best to stray a bit from your gaggle of gals from time to time, as a group of 6 beautiful women will intimidate most men to approach you. Keep your wits about you when out with your girls and you just may meet a man who is date material.

You can only meet someone at a bar. Getting drunk and hooking up with a cutie at the local dive may have lead to some of your relationships in college, but in New York City there are many other, and sometimes better, places for meeting a potential mate. Start with these 7 places to meet someone in NYC.

Only weirdos use online dating sites. Despite what you may have heard, online dating sites are not just for men looking for hookups (a la Craigslist) or anti-social freaks. There are successful men and women with impressive careers, who are attractive and interesting, looking for love online. Take a chance and make a profile to see what guys in your neighborhood or borough are searching for their Ms. Right.

All the “good ones” are gay. New York women have got some serious love for the gay community. Our best gay male friend may be our trusty (and honest) shopping companion, monthly Broadway musical date or the guy we prefer to dance close to at Le Bain. While our gay best friends may be handsome, intelligent, well spoken and talented, we know that our love for them will always be unrequited. Yes, these men are amazing creatures who we wish we could date, but don’t fret – they aren’t the only men in New York City with dateable qualities. Adventure out of your fashion, theatre, music and production fields once in a while to meet straight men who just may have many of the same dependable qualities as your gay BFF.

Guys who own are more responsible than guys who rent. Finding out that the new guy you’re dating owns a one bedroom in Soho or a loft in Williamsburg may up his “cool” factor, but just because he’s a homeowner, it doesn’t make him more responsible or better boyfriend material than a dude who’s renting. Whether you’re owning or renting in New York City, you know it’s an expensive venture. Don’t judge a guy’s worth by his apartment status. Well, that is, unless he is in his late-thirties and still living at home with his parents, without a job or career goals or even a plan to move out on his own in the near future. That guy you can judge.

You’ll need to move to the burbs to find a husband. There may be some women with this notion, as The New York Post reported, but it’s not a philosophy we all need to follow. Yes, many men in the city are career focused and prefer playing the field with every pretty young thing who catches their eye (or sips from their bottle service), but that isn’t true of every New York City man. Both men and women in the city are focused on financial success, while enjoying all that this lifestyle has to offer, like some of the world’s best restaurants, nightlife and art. But there are many men and women who are looking for love to enjoy these amazing NYC luxuries as a couple. You don’t need to move out of Manhattan to find your one true love. You just need to be open and looking in all the right places.


  1. Exactly! I hate these (and all the other) dating myths about NYC! My girlfriends always ask how I meet so many people ( including boys but also new friends, mentors.. whoever) when they swear they can't find one guy anywhere. I always tell them all they have to do is live their life and everyone comes into who is supposed to be there! Thanks for breaking these down ;) xo

  2. I've actually met two boyfriends in a bar, and my current boyfriend online. Have an open mind!

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