Friday, July 27, 2012

The 5 Best Restaurants In The East Village

Known to many as the ultimate foodie neighborhood in New York City, the East Village is home to an array of cuisines. From Michelin star restaurants to secret hole-in-the-wall joints known only to locals, there’s something for everyone’s taste and mood when hungry in this neighborhood. For something special, dine at one of these five best restaurants in the East Village.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NYC’s 5 Best Boot Camp Workouts

Been too heavy on the happy hours and now wishing you had a bathing suit-ready body for Labor Day weekend? You’ve still got time – and a boot camp class will surely get you fit fast. From outdoor sessions in Central Park to indoor workouts with fancy equipment, these five boot camp classes in NYC are the best to get slim. 

Check out CBS New York for my article on the Best Bootcamp Workouts in NYC, featuring my lovely friends Lauren and Tara, who will seriously kick your booty! xo

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RSVP for Dinner with East Village Neighbors & EveryBlock!

(via La Palapa & Grubwithus)

EveryBlock, the popular neighborhood news and discussion website, wants to help you get to know your neighbors in NYC. Enjoy good food and neighborly conversation about what's happening near you. To sweeten the deal, EveryBlock is offering $10 off each meal!

RSVP now to enjoy dinner at La Palapa in the East Village with cool New Yorkers on Tuesday, August 14 at 7pm for only $12 per person! 

And sign up for EveryBlock for all of your neighborhood news and talk in one place! xo

Monday, July 23, 2012

NYC’s 10 Worst Lines Worth The Wait

We New Yorkers tend to be impatient. We’re always busy, always on the go – and we hate having to wait for anything, especially for food. Unfortunately, some of the best places to dine in NYC are well known – leaving both locals and tourists waiting and waiting (and still waiting) in these restaurant lines.

Check out CBS New York for my article on NYC’s 10 Worst Lines Worth the Wait. xo

Friday, July 20, 2012

The 5 Best Cheap Nail Salons In The East Village

The city is filled with nail salons and spas in every neighborhood, sometimes a few on the same block. Because of the abundance of choices, most of these shops must keep the prices low to attract new clients. 

In the East Village, there are a few nail salons that stand out for affordable prices, a clean space and quick yet efficient service. Get your manicured nails and pedicured toes perfect for summer at these cheap nail salons in the East Village.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Tips on Choosing (and Thanking) Your Bridesmaids

As a professional bridesmaid, this downtown girl-about-town has been in many, many weddings (with a few on the calendar for 2013). As an unmarried lady, I may not have my own ring yet, but I can share advice for brides-to-be on how to choose, ask and treat your ladies-in-waiting on your special day.

Decide carefully. Choose friends who truly have your best interests at heart. Ladies who love you and are willing to pitch in when it comes to planning and prepping for your big day should be the only women you ask. Fair weather friends or jealous, competitive frenemies, need not apply. If you’re leaving someone out (because a bridal party of 15 girls is just plain ridiculous), you may want to ask them to do a reading during the ceremony, use their musical theatre degree to sing a song at the reception or to meet and greet guests as they arrive with programs and bubbles.

Propose. Do not ask your best friend of 10 years via her Facebook wall to be your maid of honor. Treat your friends to a brunch date to ask them face-to-face. If they live out of state, sending personalized hand-written cards asking for them to serve in your bridal party is a sweet touch for long distance friends. Or if you’re a crafty gal with time on her hands, create a wedding day survival kit that includes all of the day-of essentials (hairspray, Advil, bobby pins, etc.) with a handwritten note or have t-shirts made with the logo “bridesmaid” to give to your girls when you ask for their love and help.

Dress (them) for success. The selections of bridesmaids’ dresses are endless – from colors to lengths to fabrics. Keep in mind that while it is important for you to love the gowns, you must be sensitive to your friends’ feelings too, as they have to wear the dress from early morning hours until they crash after the reception. You want your friends to be comfortable and confident as they walk down the isle, take photos and dance the night away. Women’s body types range from rail thin to curvaceously sexy, so search for a dress that is flattering on all of the girls’ figures. Or find a line that can custom the cuts and shapes to each bridesmaid’s preference (i.e. a halter for one and strapless for another), while keeping the color and fabric the same. Also, see Single Girl's Survival Guide: Bridesmaid Dress Blues.

Go with the bachelorette flow. Whether your friends have planned a wild night in Atlantic City or a relaxing wine tasting at a vineyard be appreciative of the time and money put into coordinating and hosting your bachelorette party. Don’t pull a diva fit if you secretly wanted a sleezy stripper or if you hoped someone would splurge to get you an hour massage and facial at the hotel spa. Enjoy your last celebration as a single woman with your best girls without any expectations.

Gift them thoughtfully. They’ve thrown you an expensive bachelorette party in the Hamptons, patiently listened whily you obsessed over the difference between cream and ivory and “oohed and aahed” as you tried on hours worth of gowns. Thank your bridesmaids with personalized gifts (like beautiful jewelry with their birthstones), useful gifts (like silk robes for getting ready on the wedding day) or keepsake gifts (like monogramed pocket mirrors).

Remember that being a bridesmaid requires time, money and a willingness to take late-night phone calls from your Bridezilla-side when you’re having a panic attack over what color your tablecloths should be. So, let your ladies know there are no hard feelings if they can’t commit and appreciate those friends who are happy to step up to the plate!

What are your do's and don'ts when choosing, asking and treating your bridesmaids? xo
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