Friday, June 15, 2012

When to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Long the hushed, giggling talk of women at “passion parties” over pink cocktails and instruction from a saleslady in their living rooms, sex toy sales are now increasing all over the world, becoming more and more popular by both single women and ladies in monogamous relationships.

According to some research, women who are in relationships are actually far more likely to use sex toys than single women. This may sound a bit surprising, but there is also plenty of data that shows that women do not actually view sex toys as substitutes for sex. For ladies, sex provides an emotional attachment, along with closeness to their partner, while sex toys obviously can’t provide companionship. It seems that many women in loving relationships are actually using sex toys with their partners more than ever. So, when and how should you attempt to introduce sex toys into your relationship?

Putting a label on how far into a relationship it's appropriate to introduce sex toys is just about impossible, because this depends a great deal on your own personal relationship, rather than on general preferences or society standards. Of course, it’s fair to say that bringing up sex toys on the first date is almost always a bit too soon. You don’t want Mr. Right Now running fast out the door, right? But, beyond obvious generalizations, there are no real rules on the right time to bring up these bedroom treats. Simply wait until you and your partner have at least had sex a few times and feel comfortable with each other’s bodies before bringing up sex toys.

Once you do bring up sex toys with your partner, you’ll want to be careful about how you approach it. Remember, there is plenty of information to suggest that a large majority of women are interested in using sex toys in their relationships, so don’t be nervous or embarrassed about bringing it up. It’s 2012, ladies - say how you feel and demand what you want. Just be sure not to suggest sex toys as solutions to any sort of problem - you don’t want your partner thinking that you are no longer excited by sex without toys. Instead, bring up the use of toys as something new and exciting that you would like to try if you’re both comfortable with the idea. Most men will jump at the chance to get a bit friskier with the girl he loves, so don’t be shy!

Once the two of you have agreed on the idea of bringing sex toys into the bedroom, the fun really begins. You can start browsing together at a toyshop like Adam & Eve to figure out what appeals to each of you. Then, you can start experimenting to see what you truly enjoy in bed, and before you know it, you might have a whole set of new toys that can make your sex life all the more exciting. It can certainly be a long process to get to this point, but most couples who have tried toys together will tell you it’s well worth the awkward introduction.

When do you think is the right time to introduce toys in the bedroom? xo

Guest post by Laura Miller. Brought to you by Adam & Eve.


  1. I totally agree, I use sex toys in relationships is very beneficial, avoid taboos and helps us understand our partner

  2. Well, me and my boyfriend haven't planned to use adult toys in our relationship, we don't feel like using them.

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