Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Women Want in a Man’s Apartment in NYC

(Too bad we can't date Nate Berkus)

Going back to the apartment of a man you like for the first time can be nerve-racking - and I’m not referring to the possibility of getting into bed together. You never really know what you'll find in his humble abode: No toilet paper? Four roommates from his frat days? Photos of ex-girlfriends in frames? The possible turn-offs are endless in New York City with the high price of rent, along with the laziness of many men to make an effort to interior design their space or frankly, to keep their small home clean.

There are also those special things, perhaps bonuses, that you’ll find in his apartment that make you more interested in him as soon as you walk in. Maybe it's a great piece of furniture purchased somewhere other than the Brooklyn IKEA or when you discover there’s not a single dirty dish in his kitchen sink (or on his bedroom floor).

What do women really want to find in a man’s apartment in NYC? Below are the staples, listed by room. Listen up, guys!

Bedroom. A bed any size larger than a dorm room twin, covered in clean sheets and a comforter.  Yes boys, we want to get cozy in more than a thin sheet. While bedrooms in New York City tend to be cramped, fitting a full size bed or larger into the room shows you’re a grown-up. A fixed bed, in a generally tidy room (aka no dirty boxers on the floor), will make a lady comfortable enough to get a little frisky.

Bathroom. Keep this space as clean as possible, gentlemen. Keep it stocked with toilet paper (extra points for the soft, fluffy, multiple-ply kind), rinse off any toothpaste or shaving cream from the sink and please, please, please make sure there’s no brown ring in the toilet bowl. These rules for cleanliness apply to both city and suburban male apartment bathrooms, but need to be addressed to New York City men, because with their closet-sized bathrooms, it’s even more important to keep them clean, as they can get cluttered fast.

Kitchen. A sink free of dirty, stinky dishes is a must. Keep the fridge stocked with actual groceries, a solid wine selection and beers better than PBR. To host your lady, she’ll be impressed by classy booze options and simple snacks, such as cheese and crackers. New York women love to be wined and dined and are accustomed to some of the countries best restaurants, so if you can accomplish this in the comfort of your home, she’ll fall weak in the knees over the effort.

Living Room. A comfortable couch for cuddling adds romance when lounging together. A flat screen tv is nice, but women aren’t necessarily impressed by just how big the screen is. As long as there is a television of some sort and a dvd player to watch a film together, your entertainment center will satisfy your lady friend.

Terrace, Patio or Backyard. If you’ve got any type of outdoor space, you’re already ahead of the game. If that said space includes a table with matching chairs, a grill and any type of flower or vegetation, your lady will be in New York City exterior heaven.

What do you want to find in a New York City man’s apartment? xo

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