Thursday, June 21, 2012

Join Bright Lights, My City on Instagram!

(View from the Seaport)

This spring I finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon! Yes, it felt very Carrie Bradshaw to be a city girl who is clueless regarding cell phones and the newest (or at least coolest) technology.
(Boozy People's Pops at a roof top event)
Now, you can see my adventures on your iPhone or Android as sarahmshaker!
(Pulled Pork from Mohegan Sun BBQ Fest)
(View from my East Village roof top)
Follow along as I snap shots of tasting menus, city skylines and girl-about-town city fun! xo
(Sunset on the Hudson River)


  1. I only discovered this now and I will follow you on instagram. I would love to see more hidden spots to seek from my City. I hope to meet some of your followers too.

  2. Yeah, I'll definitely do once I got my iPhone back. It's under repair for a week now and I should be getting it in a few days.

  3. The first picture looks amazing! It's postcard worthy. Maybe you can have hem printed out and make it a personalized postcard.


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