Thursday, June 7, 2012

Father’s Day Gift Guide in NYC 2012

(Recent winery trip in CT with my adorable parents)

You’ve always been daddy’s little girl. Whether he’s a New York City man or a suburban guy, treat your dad this Father’s Day with gifts from the city you love.

Book him a clean shave. Dad’s got all the latest computer gadgets, so why not update his personal hygiene tools with a set from The New York Shaving Co? Get a deal on their goods with Thrillist.

Satisfy his sweet tooth. Men love the salty, fatty goodness of bacon. So treat dad to bacon baked goods from Baconery online or at their new NYC shop.

Routine his skin care. It’s not makeup; it’s “undetectable skin care.” Menaji was founded by a beauty expert and professional makeup artist, counting Al Gore, Barack Obama, Jay Leno and Tom Brokaw among their clients. For the non-celebrity, Menaji can help any man look great for an event, date night out or just to achieve clean skin on a daily basis. And with product names like Aftershave Hydrator and Eraser, Menaji makes sure dad will never feel like he’s rocking “makeup” like your momma.

Pop his bottles. With a bottle opener neatly welded into an iPhone case, the Intoxicase not only protects dad’s cool new gadget, it can save his next round of golf or backyard cookout from a party foul. And if dad’s hip on social media, the Intoxicase App will let him share how many bottles he’s popped, find his nearby parked car and even call a cab, if he’s had too many to make it home on his own. 

Fill his stomach. The beautiful summer weather isn’t just the perfect ambiance for outdoor summer dates in NYC, it’s also just right to treat your daddy-o to an outdoor family day! Order a picnic based around creamy cheese and hearty meats from Murray’s packed in a cooler to keep your lunch chilled in the sunshine. Don’t forget to grab wine from Alphabet City Wine Co. to round out your New York City picnic blanket feast.

How will you gift your dad this Father's Day? xo

PS - Thanks to editor (and boyfriend) James for the male-friendly gift ideas!


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