Friday, May 18, 2012

The Most Romantic (and Cliché) Places to Propose in NYC

(Screenshot from Tiffany's)

Proposing marriage to the woman you love comes with some serious pressure. Popping the question takes a bit of courage, or shall we say ‘balls’, but finding the perfect romantic location in New York City that she will remember for the rest of her life can drive a man even crazier.

Being an iconic city, New York may just have more famous cliché proposal destinations than any other city in the country. When you’re ready to propose to the love of your life, find a location in NYC that means something to you both as a couple - whether it’s where you shared your first kiss or on your terrace as the sun sets. Try your best to avoid the following romantic, yet cliché, places to propose in NYC.

(Note that while the scoreboard at Madison Square Garden is certainly cliché, it lacks any notion of romance to make this list.)

Horse Drawn Carriage in Central Park. Your girl will feel like Cinderella or the leading lady in a rom-com. Either way, this proposal screams cheesy romance.

The Love Statue in Midtown. Stop by to get a few Instagram pics and pop the question.

Toys R Us Ferris Wheel. Kids at heart can spend a few hours shopping together and top it off with a silly little ride on the ferris wheel. Ask for her hand in marriage at the top of the ride, of course.

Lincoln Center Fountain. Make your move by the flowing water, lit in the moonlight.

Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Beatles fans looking to commit their lives to one another will get some peace and quiet in this park location.

Outside Tiffany's. Nothing says I love you like a ring from Tiffany's, right? Beware that a Tiffany's proposal is not for a bachelor on a budget, as you don’t want your ring to look pathetic against the diamonds gleaming in the window display.

Rockefeller Center At Christmas Time. Ah, who doesn’t get into the holiday spirit at Rockefeller at Christmas? The giant decorated tree, happy ice-skating tourists and shoppers sipping hot cocoa will get you in that loving mood.

Top Of The Rock. The New York skyline makes for a great backdrop for those “we just got married and you can see my ring now” photo for Facebook.

Empire State Building. Act out Sleepless in Seattle and meet her at the top.

Coney Island. Wander the boardwalk hand in hand or pop the question over the excitement of the Cyclone.

Staten Island Ferry. Floating on a boat at dusk, even if it is the Staten Island Ferry, sings romance. Pass by the Statue of Liberty and smile at the gorgeous view of the island of Manhattan when you profess your undying love.

The Brooklyn Bridge. Steve and Miranda reunited on this historic bridge, so give her a bit of Sex And The City passion by getting down on one knee between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Where are other cliché, yet romantic, New York City places to propose? xo


  1. this post is cliche...

  2. Anonymous person above, you're cliche! I say, Rock center, ESB, Top of the Rock, Central Park, LOVE monument thing... you said most of those. NYC in general is a cliche place to get engaged!

  3. One of my fav. posts of yours Sarah!!

  4. Hah! Love the Staten Island Ferry one.


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