Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Couples That Get Fit Together, Stick Together

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Falling in love, then falling into a comfort zone as a couple, happens to the best of us. Being comfortable in a relationship can be very positive – you feel like you can be yourself without feeling judged, spending hours on your makeup turns into minutes and even a bit of gas is no longer a reason to be embarrassed.

But with all these good things, there’s room for unhealthy habits when you’re head-over-heels in love with Mr. Right. You may begin to eat more like him – egg white omelets for brunch are exchanged with 20-cent wings to watch a day game together or your ritual of spin class on a Sunday morning is swapped for sleeping in to cuddle and sip coffee in bed.

It’s absolutely okay to make some adjustments in your daily routine when you’re no longer a single lady. Taking into consideration his interests and tastes, while blending your schedules is both normal and healthy. What’s unhealthy is forgetting who you are – your wants and needs in maintaining a fit lifestyle! How does an independent city lady balance both her love life and fitness or weight loss goals? Invite your man to join in on the fun!

Follow the lead of healthy couples around you. Just like New York City newlyweds Meghan and Tristan, who ran the New York City Marathon together and attend weekly CrossFit classes as a couple, you too can get your booty in shape, while spending time with your sweetheart. Of course, we’re not all as lean as the lovely newlyweds, but everyone can find a healthy routine to follow as a team of two.

Whether you start running together in your neighborhood on weekends, sign up for boxing classes after work or add long walks to your romantic Saturday strolls around the city, you’ll be bettering both your bodies and souls. Cardio under the sheets can’t be the only way to burn a few calories together. Couples who can enjoy adding fitness to their time together are focusing on their future - a long and healthy path to growing old together!

How do you add fitness to your relationship? xo

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  1. Marathon is the great event to mix-up all fitness lovers at one place. As well for couples also they spend some time together as well buildup health lifestyle.


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