Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheat on Your Diet with Fried Pizza at La Montanara

Fried dough takes an East Coast girl back to summers by a beach boardwalk lined with sweet treats. Welcome La Montanara to the Lower East Side foodie scene, bringing together your childhood love of fried dough with your favorite savory meal – New York pizza, of course. The owners of Forcella recently opened this tiny joint, boasting fried thin crust personal sized pizzas, fried appetizers and yes, even fried desserts.
The team at La Montanara starts by lightly frying dough for 30 seconds in piping hot sunflower oil. The dough is then topped with sauce, cheese and other tasty ingredients, such as mushrooms and pepperoni, and is then placed in a wood-burning oven to bake to a light, crisp texture. The fluffy outer crust has a sweet aftertaste, which balances out the tangy marinara sauce and creamy mozzarella. Each pizza is priced from $6 - $8 for a budget friendly late-night tipsy snack or cheap dinner on the go.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Angioletti alla Nutella, small strips of fried dough topped with Nutella and powdered sugar. These bites gives zepoles a run for their money! Visit La Montanara for a casual and affordable dinner or to soak up the booze on an early morning walk home.

La Montanara. 168 Ludlow Street.


  1. I agree withthe cheating concept, however I find it to be more beneficial when it's seen as a rewarding activity compared to a cheating one. The reason is that positive reinforcment works wonders on a mental level!

  2. Cheating on ones diet is big NO for me. Although I have to say that the temptation of eating is hard.


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