Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Best NYC Outdoor Summer Dates

(East River Park)

Picnics. Whether you’re in Central Park or Tompkins Square, lying out a blanket to get close is the perfect warm weather date. Share packed small bites, sip wine from plastic cups and bathe in the summer sunshine.

East River Park. Not only can you admire impressive views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, but you and your date can enjoy a range of activities from events in the amphitheater, to bike paths, sports fields and playgrounds for an athletic date. Pack a lunch and enjoy it at one of the many tables along the walking path on the water and make a day of it on the east side, strolling down to the seaport hand in hand.

The Highline. This elevated public park adds a lovely walk to any summer day date. And while you’re on the west side, stop by The Standard for suds at the Biergarten or a late-night dance at Le Bain under the disco ball.

Frying Pan. This docked boat may be better for a group date, as it is a bit too crowded and loud for an intimate chat with your crush. Bring your whole crew to keep it casual or make it a double date on this rocking boozy ship.

Kayaking. Get active on the water with free kayaking on weekends downtown! Splish and splash your way into his heart with your adventurous spirit, while cooling down in the heat.

Brooklyn Crab. Opening this June, you can spend an afternoon breaking crabs, drinking beers and getting competitive during a few friendly rounds of mini golf, bocce or cornhole. Whether you’re on a first date or a group outing, this crab shack will be the hottest spot in Brooklyn this summer.

Beer Gardens. Go old school with the classic Bohemian Hall in Astoria or slip your feet in the sand at Beekman Beer Garden downtown. Chugging giant beers with your crush will certainly get you both in a tipsy, flirty mood.

Coney Island. Cheat on your diet with hot dogs and scream on the Cyclone with your new guy. This boardwalk date provides snacks and good ‘ole wholesome fun all around.

Rooftop Films. Check their schedule for a range of movies playing on rooftops from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side.

Rockaway Beach Club. Lather some sunscreen on your lover and enjoy a real NYC beach date at Rockaway Beach. Rent bikes, indulge in savory and sweet bites and get your tan on.

Where do you go for the best outdoor summer dates? xo


  1. These are lovely ideas. Totally agree with the Highline - that one's a given. But we've never heard about the Brooklyn Crab. Guess that's the next thing to try when it opens!

  2. Add:

    Pier 25 Mini Golf at Hudson River Park



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