Friday, May 11, 2012

Are You Dating Your Dad?

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Your boyfriend excels at fixing both computers and cars, flips a serious pancake and provides tough love, like Dear Old Dad. Or you've noticed he shares your father’s anxiety about finances and also has a quick temper. Women have been told for years that we look for love from men who remind us of our paternal parent, whether on purpose or subconsciously. Do you think this is true for both the positive and negative personality traits and talents of your dad?

Growing up, a father is a mentor and role model, but he teaches his daughter more than just how to pass algebra. From how he treats his wife to how dedicated he is to his career, a father gives his daughter her first impressions of how men behave and react to those around him. 

Some experts believe that marrying a man like your father may be an attempt to resolve an issue from childhood days. Others think that women are simply used to living with their father, so they seek out a similar man out of familiarity. 

Ladies, do you think that your man is nothing like your dad? Think of your father’s qualities, both good and bad. Don’t focus on individual hobbies and preferences, like a love for red meat and football, but rather think of personality traits, like honesty or laziness. You may be surprised to find that many of the qualities overlap with your past or current love interests. If you think that your blue-collar father is nothing like your lawyer boyfriend, you may find that the important qualities, like valuing generosity and dedication, are traits that they both share.

Are you dating a man like your father? xo

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  1. A friend of mine met someone at bbpeoplemeet with daddy issues and she likes men who are actually like her dad. Seems alright with my friend because he is the same. He is quite attracted to women who is like his mom.


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