Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are His Eating Habits Sabotaging Your Diet?

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We all know the signs that we’ve gotten comfortable in our relationship. While there are many positive aspects to being relaxed with the one you love, there can be negative consequences, such as abandoning your fitness schedule or imitating his less-than-healthy eating habits, when spending more time together than you spend alone.

Couples who workout together, stick together. So after adding workouts into your date nights (and I’m not just talking about under-the-sheets cardio), what can you do to maintain a healthy diet, while enjoying dinners and brunches out as a couple? Here are tips for keeping up with your diet, while enjoying your life as a duo.

Show off your Martha Stewart skills. Cook together to guarantee you’re eating right, while enjoying romance by the stove. Bake fish, roast vegetables and boil whole-wheat pasta while you flirt and taste sauces with a stereotypical romantic comedy wooden spoon.

Make a sweet surprise swap. Does he always bring you bags of gummy bears or dark chocolate as a sweet surprise? Let your man know that while you appreciate his thoughtfulness, a healthier treat, such as dried fruit or calorie-free flowers are a welcome surprise the next time he’s feeling giving.

Sneak in healthy snacks. Unwinding together in front of the television after a long day at work is more comforting with mindless snacking. Swap out your standard buttery microwave popcorn with air popped (and you can even add a dash of fresh Parmesan cheese) or toss your sour patch kids for a giant bowl of fruit salad when zoning out to Big Bang Theory. As long as his tummy is full, he may not even notice the healthier changes to your late-night snack routine.

Be Internet savvy. When choosing a restaurant for a date night, check menus online ahead of time for options that include salads, lean meats, soups and veggie sides. A menu with limited selections can hurt your plans to stick to your diet when your stomach is grumbling at a restaurant. Planning ahead will avoid any surprise menu temptations.

Share your desserts. Dying for Big Gay Ice Cream in the summer heat? Why not split a Monday Sundae? You’ll still get the satisfaction of your favorite sweets for half the calories!

When it comes to your diet, don’t beat yourself up over that Shake Shack burger you devoured together at last weekend’s Met’s game. Enjoy splurges such as wine, red meat or desserts when you’re with your guy. If his diet is out-of-control unhealthy, maybe it’s time to let him know that his eating habits are influencing yours, so a bit of sympathy when dining together will help you keep up with your diet. He’ll understand if he wants to see you happy and healthy. Maybe you’ll even help him to make an effort to adjust his diet for a long, healthy future together!

How do you stay healthy when dining with your partner? xo


  1. In my opinion this article is really good, we need to be careful with the food, a bad eating habits can be dangerous for your healthy life.

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  2. All that you say in this article is true, a bad eating habits can sabotaging your diet and can be dangerous for your health.

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