Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 Foods to Avoid in the Office

Eating out for lunch is a luxury that you may only be able to afford (with both your wallet and waistline) once in a while. As the economy is still in a bit of trouble, raises aren’t offered as frequently as they were even five years ago. And the calories typically consumed at a Midtown chain restaurant or gourmet food truck may just hurt your daily weight loss goals. The best option to save a few bucks and calories is to bring a packed lunch from home. But, there are some no-no foods when packing your lunch and snacks to consume around your coworkers in shared space.

Curry. A staple in Indian and Asian cuisine, curry has found its way to the hearts (and stomachs) of New Yorkers as a comfort food. Unfortunately, that appeal is reserved for the person eating it. For the rest of the office, the smell of curry will be reminiscent of something like body odor - definitely not comforting. Reheating curry leftovers in the microwave will even amplify the stench.

Popcorn. This healthy snack can satisfy your late-afternoon salt cravings, but the stale scent of burnt microwave popcorn will linger for hours in the office. Pre-popped kernels, sprinkled in shredded cheese or spices are fine, but avoid popping in the office kitchen.

Fish and Chips. Fish is healthy and delicious grilled, baked, smoked or raw, as sushi. A tuna salad sandwich should be kept in the fridge all day before consuming around coworkers, to minimize a possible odor. But, when it comes to fried fish, it should not be allowed in the office. This greasy meal may taste great with a beer at the bar; so enjoy it during happy hour, not in your cubicle, stinking up the place.

Ribs and Hot Wings. Eating with your hands, as the sauce drips, while you take huge gnawing bites off the bone is fine with your dude friends at a sports bar, but it’s far too messy (and not lady-like) for your desk. Avoid all sloppy finger foods.

Oodles of Noodles.  From Pad Thai to linguine with clam sauce, any long noodle or pasta dish may turn into a slurping disaster in the workplace.  Swap for short pasta salads or macaroni and cheese, for easy bite-sized lunching.

What foods do you avoid eating in the workplace? xo


  1. Ribs and Hot Wings really is a big NO for the office. Stains your office and desk. So next time you buy food delivery, choose other foods.

  2. Great post as per usual. Totes agree on all of these. Can somebody say, "Disgusting?" LOL :P

    Just one minor thing. The post is titled "5 Foods to Avoid in the Office," but there's more than 5 foods listed. Even if I concede that "fish and chips" could be considered one food item, I really can't give you "ribs and hot wings." Those are 2 thangs, girl. Toodles.



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