Thursday, May 24, 2012

20 Dreams of 20-Something New Yorkers

(Sex and the City walk-in closet via Elle Decor)

1. To own a washer and dryer.

2. Access to a private roof, terrace or (gasp) a backyard.

3. Walk-in closets. Or frankly, more than one itsy, bitsy corner closet.

4. A vehicle to lug your groceries, gym clothes, laptop, shopping bags and every other parcel all around the city. Carrying everything is just no good for your posture!

5. A parking garage for those who actually own a car and hate paying $500 a month just to park in their neighborhood or always worry as they leave their vehicle unattended on a sketchy corner, to stay within their budget.

6. An attic, basement or any free storage unit.

7. A guest room for out-of-town parents or to use as a home office.

8. A personal assistant to make dinner reservations, pick up dry-cleaning and organize your life in general. We’re not all as lucky as Bethenny Frankel.

9. A working fireplace to warm up on a romantic night or just to heat up your apartment to save a few bucks during the cold winter months.

10. Soundproof walls to block out the screaming baby next door and that loud couple upstairs spending far too many odd hours in bed.

11. Frequenting a chain restaurant (that your family in the burbs loves) for a guilty pleasure dinner without feeling like a sellout. Dining at The Olive Garden when there are so many authentic Italian restaurants downtown will always get you a disappointed stare from other locals.

12. Running outdoors without stepping in trash or hearing men whistle at your figure.

13. Having somewhere to pee when you’re shopping or running errands. Those nasty Starbucks’ bathrooms are just not good enough for our behinds.

14. Cab drivers who will take you to any borough, without a complaint.

15. Access to Wi-Fi everywhere – from coffee shops to public parks.

16. Less cash-only restaurants and bodegas downtown. Please take our cards - our credit is (pretty) good.

17. A normal, stable, loving relationship without games or Sex and the City drama.

18. VIP access to the front of every bar. No one wants to be six people deep at Brass Monkey, pushing and waiting for a cocktail.

19. Good subway and cab karma – there’s always a train just arriving or a taxi pulling up to your corner, at your service. No more waiting around!

20. A savings account totaling to more than one month’s rent.

What are your dreams as a New Yorker? xo


  1. Oh my gosh. I finished the list and little tear ran down my cheek....;)

  2. Great list! All very true :) Especially #12. I get so annoyed at guys gawking. YOU ARE NOT MAKING MY DAY SO SHUT UP!


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