Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Live Peacefully with Roommates in NYC

(My first roommates in NYC circa 2006 - The lovely Lauren and Renie) 

Craigslist horror stories in New York City are days of your early twenties past – when all you could afford was the cheapest walk up with three strangers in Bed-Stuy. For those of us in our mid to late-twenties, we can afford to be a bit more selective when choosing who we live with and where we do it. But, whether you’re living in your first apartment with strangers or splitting the rent with close friends, there are ways to make living with others less stressful.

Stick to these basic roomie guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to a peaceful coexistence, without composing a roommate contract fit for Sheldon on Big Bang Theory.

Kitchen. Wash your dishes, making sure the sink doesn’t resemble something out of an episode of Hoarders to keep the peace. Nothing creates more resentment than one roommate who feels forced to constantly clean everyone else’s dirty dishes. Not all New York apartments are blessed with a dishwasher. Regarding food and the fridge, always ask before diving into their supply and share your goods too. People are usually happy to share their food, but if you eat their treats without asking, things could turn pretty ugly. Whether your kitchen opens into the living room or is a tiny nook, keep the space as clean as possible after cooking, baking or cocktailing.

Television. While one roommate can’t get enough of Mob Wives, the other may be all about 30 Rock. Set some DVR ground rules, so everyone can catch their favorite programs when home from their busy city social lives. Don’t delete episodes from the DVR just because you need space to record Glee. If you’re not a socialite like your roomie, don’t lie on the couch claiming the TV every night of the week. Share the remote when you’re all home in the living room after a long day in the office. Relaxing together in the common space can make for roomie bonding.

Noise. If you and your roommates have similar schedules, this won’t be too much of a problem when hitting the sack. But, if you’re roomie needs to get to sleep by 10pm and you’re usually strolling in drunk at 4am on weeknights because of your flexible freelance schedule, walk with your heels off and mind the lights to avoid waking up your nine-to-five roommate. NYC apartments are small, so yes; someone probably heard your romp under the sheets last night. Keep your voice down during the night and early morning hours.

Décor. Feel free to decorate your own room as you see fit; your personal space is where you can get creative. When it comes to the shared areas, make sure to consult with your roommate first before making any drastic changes, such as repainting the living room walls bright orange or adding pink fluffy covers to the toilet seat.

Weekend Guests. If you have a friend or family member staying over, give your roomie a heads up. It’s important to talk with your roommate if you are planning to have someone stay with you for an extended period of time. A loud cousin who plans to crash for a month is just not cool. And frankly, there is not enough space in a New York City apartment for extra guests to sleep, shower and dine.

BFs and GFs. Just like having weekend guests, when your significant other stays over for multiple nights in a row, be considerate of your roommate’s routine. Spend time in your room instead of a common area and make sure your lover gets up extra early to shower as to not interrupt your roomie’s bathroom time. Remember that while you may love your man, your roommate may not be as fond of his humor or charm.

Roommate Hookups. No matter how sexy you find your new male roommate, hooking up with him is just not worth the drama. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  The most important thing to remember when living with a roommate or two is to be respectful. Always treat them the way that you'd like to be treated.

What’s your advice for keeping the peace while rooming with others? xo

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Not To Do In Bed

(image via The Gloss)

During your first time in bed as a couple (or heck, during a one night stand) there are a few things to make sure you avoid doing under the sheets

Once you’re in a serous, loving relationship, having sex on the regular can easily become monotonous if you’re not careful. Sex should always be enjoyable - whether you’re feeling emotional as you express your deep love or frisky, just working at reaching the ultimate “oh”. Avoid these moves in the bedroom to keep you and your lover happy. Don’t…

Act bored. Sex should always be a good time. Passion, romance and at times, pure animal instinct. Getting the impression that you’d rather be watching The Big Bang Theory as you doze off into space or look at the clock will crush his self-esteem (and performance).

Be a Paris Hilton.  Lying on your back like a dead fish (or trashy reality star), letting the other person do all the work, is so annoying.

Ask too many questions. “Is this ok?” Is this good for you?” “Do you like this?” “How about this?” “Faster?” “Slower?” These questions are distracting and ruin the mood, right? Right? Right? (Yes, I thought so too).

Be selfish. He just did that thing you loooove, so go ahead and give him what he wants too (within kinky reason, of course). Reciprocation is key.

Be as quiet as a mouse.  Of course you should whisper when you’ve got roommates in a tiny East Village apartment, but keeping quiet to the point of making your partner want to check if you’re even breathing is creepy. Soft moans are better than dead silence.

Talk about how your ex did it. Do not ever, ever bring up an ex or past lover when you’re in mid-romp. Ever.

Scream the wrong name. Again, don’t bring up an ex, even if by mistake. Concentrate on the person you love. Passionately calling your lover another name will ruin the mood (and possibly start a full on fight).

What do you avoid in bed? xo

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Best NYC Outdoor Summer Dates

(East River Park)

Picnics. Whether you’re in Central Park or Tompkins Square, lying out a blanket to get close is the perfect warm weather date. Share packed small bites, sip wine from plastic cups and bathe in the summer sunshine.

East River Park. Not only can you admire impressive views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, but you and your date can enjoy a range of activities from events in the amphitheater, to bike paths, sports fields and playgrounds for an athletic date. Pack a lunch and enjoy it at one of the many tables along the walking path on the water and make a day of it on the east side, strolling down to the seaport hand in hand.

The Highline. This elevated public park adds a lovely walk to any summer day date. And while you’re on the west side, stop by The Standard for suds at the Biergarten or a late-night dance at Le Bain under the disco ball.

Frying Pan. This docked boat may be better for a group date, as it is a bit too crowded and loud for an intimate chat with your crush. Bring your whole crew to keep it casual or make it a double date on this rocking boozy ship.

Kayaking. Get active on the water with free kayaking on weekends downtown! Splish and splash your way into his heart with your adventurous spirit, while cooling down in the heat.

Brooklyn Crab. Opening this June, you can spend an afternoon breaking crabs, drinking beers and getting competitive during a few friendly rounds of mini golf, bocce or cornhole. Whether you’re on a first date or a group outing, this crab shack will be the hottest spot in Brooklyn this summer.

Beer Gardens. Go old school with the classic Bohemian Hall in Astoria or slip your feet in the sand at Beekman Beer Garden downtown. Chugging giant beers with your crush will certainly get you both in a tipsy, flirty mood.

Coney Island. Cheat on your diet with hot dogs and scream on the Cyclone with your new guy. This boardwalk date provides snacks and good ‘ole wholesome fun all around.

Rooftop Films. Check their schedule for a range of movies playing on rooftops from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side.

Rockaway Beach Club. Lather some sunscreen on your lover and enjoy a real NYC beach date at Rockaway Beach. Rent bikes, indulge in savory and sweet bites and get your tan on.

Where do you go for the best outdoor summer dates? xo

Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Boozy Popsicles for Summer

(People's Pops Blog)
Memorial Day weekend is finally here to begin your summer of sun, fun and of course, parties! Whether you’ll be in the Hamptons or staycation-ing in the city, freeze some of these icy treats with a boozy kick to get the party started.

Who doesn’t love People’s Pops at food festivals around the city and at their pop-up shop in the East Village? Make one of People's Pops famous pops at home with a bit of booze. For only 80 calories, you won’t feel guilty licking these tipsy treats.

Even Carrie Bradshaw would cool off with these popsicles! 

Everyone’s favorite summer snack just got juicer! You can always soak watermelon in a bit of booze, but why not take it a bit further (and fancier) with these fun pops?

Mint leaves and lime make these adult-only ice pops refreshing.

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Frozen chocolate just got cooler, with a boozy bite.

What sweet boozy treats will you enjoy this Memorial Day? xo

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