Monday, April 9, 2012

What Not to Wear on a First Date

True beauty is on the inside. But when getting ready for a first date, keep in mind that looks mean (almost) everything. The way you present yourself to Mr. Right Now - from the height of your heels to the hem of your skirt - will leave a lasting impression. Double check this list of what not to wear on a first date when browsing your closet before the big night out.
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A mini skirt, low-cut shirt combo. Show off your long lean legs or reveal a bit of cleavage, but don't show off both sections of skin. You want to look sexy, not slutty.

Flannel. Not every guy gets the plaid button-down and butch shoe trend. Opt for a more feminine look by mixing menswear with lace or bold accessories. Or just go for all girly touches.

Uggs. No matter how casual the date, there’s no room for slouchy Uggs. Please see the full list of shoes not to wear on a first date.

Boyfriend jeans. Your go-to jeans for weekend comfort are a bit too relaxed for a first date. But, jeans aren’t on the no-no list - brightly colored skinnies for spring or your favorite dark denim are perfectly fine for a casual date night, such as a trip to the movies or a walk in Madison Square Park for Shake Shack.

Leggings. I mean, we’re almost done with this trend, right? Unless you’re running errands or heading to the gym, keep these unflattering cotton stretch pants at home. Exception to the rule: if you’ve got a rockin’ bod and are attending a concert or dive bar, leggings with a bit of shimmer a la American Apparel, are perfectly acceptable and downtown cool.

Granny Panties. Because you never know.

What's on your list for what not to wear on a first date? xo

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  1. I thought girls purposely wear granny panties on the first date to prevent themselves from going all the way! ;)


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