Wednesday, April 25, 2012

8 Signs You’re Comfortable in Your Relationship

At the beginning of a relationship, you’re on your best behavior - rocking sexy LBD’s for date nights, perfecting your blowouts and applying photo-shoot ready makeup. But what happens after you’ve fallen head over heels and fall in unconditional love? Superficial actions that were once important may disappear from your daily routine with your sweetheart. It’s fine to get comfortable in your relationship – but don’t get so comfortable that you’ve lost your sense of self-esteem or confidence!
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You know your relationship is past the get-to-know-you phase when…

Bodily functions don’t embarrass you. Your man may think you fart glitter and poop rainbows, but once you’re comfortable passing a bit of gas in front of him, or better yet, making a joke out of it, you’ve entered a relaxed (and stinky) zone.

You spend less time prepping for a date. Forgetting to pack red lipstick and settling with moisturizer and mascara for a night out? A lady doesn’t stress over a bare face when with the man who loves her with or without makeup. Even girls who typically pile on the foundation will tone down her look when in love with the right guy.

Your style is more relaxed. Choosing glasses over contacts? Women opt for a comfy pair of sweats over sexy lingerie or forget about a monthly wax once they’re settling in.

Intimate details are shared.  Have you discussed finances? Or shared your Facebook password? Couples who not only trust each other, but also are confident in how far they’ve come as a couple, will share their most intimate thoughts, beliefs and yes, even passwords.

Nakedness isn’t only for sexy-time. When nudity happens in a non-sex context - lounging around in the buff or folding laundry in skimpy underwear - you know you’re comfortable with your bodies together.

You change your routine.  Realized you can’t sleep well without him? Adjusted your Sunday morning workouts to accommodate his love of  lazy, late mornings with coffee and the newspaper? Couples make small changes to their daily lives when their partner is their number one.

You don’t hide your girly rituals. Remember those days when you wouldn’t dare let him see you watching TV in Crest Whitestrips? Now you’re caught with hair removal creams on your upper lip and hot rollers in your hair, but barely flinch when he takes note.

You experience weight gain. You no longer feel the need to count every calorie just in case he stops finding you attractive. But be careful not to let eating habits spiral out of control because it is no good for your health, or your self-esteem. Just because he eats a burger everyday does not mean your metabolism can handle the same indulgences. Enjoy foods with your man, but do so in moderation!

What are the signs that show you're comfortable in a relationship? xo

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