Monday, April 23, 2012

25 Places to Steal a Kiss in NYC

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Swept off your feet by a handsome stranger or in the mood for a make out session with Mr. Right? Check off these places to kiss in New York City from your romance bucket list.

1. In an elevator, not caring if it stops on random floors before your destination.

2. In the back of a stadium seated movie theater in Midtown, like lustful teenagers.

3. In a photo booth at a dive bar downtown to document your make out session for a few bucks.

4. In the pool under the disco ball late night at Le Bain.

5. In the tiny kitchen of your walk-up apartment when you’re cooking dinner.

6. At a summer concert in Central Park while lying on a picnic blanket.

7. Under the mistletoe at your office party, for the tradition (and the scandal).

8. At work in your cubicle (or better yet, boss’ office) when everyone else has gone home for the night.

9. On top of an amusement park ride in Coney Island.

10. In the bathroom on a plane when leaving the city, to see what the hype is all about.

11. On the dance floor at an over-the-top Staten Island wedding among happy couples.

12. On the dance floor in a crowded, sweaty club in Meatpacking.

13. In a taxicab, before apologizing to the driver.

14. In Penn Station or Grand Central, passionately, with hundreds of commuters walking by.

15. On your couch, on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

16. On a cobblestone street in Soho.

17. Leaning against your apartment building after he’s walked you home, not ready to say 

18. Outside a bar, with a sexy stranger, in front of the smokers and drunks searching for a cab.

19. In the “country”, just outside the city somewhere, with no one around.

20. On a long borough-to-borough subway ride, just to pass the time.

21. In the nosebleeds at Citi Field, when the sun sets, and you’re too drunk on beer and full from hot dogs to pay attention to the game.

22. At JFK or LaGuardia, while saying a tearful goodbye (making everyone jealous).

23. On the long escalator at the WTC Path Station, with one person standing taller than the other.

24. On a beach in The Hamptons, in the water, drunkenly, like on Jersey Shore.

25. On a rooftop, overlooking all of Manhattan.

Where is the most spontaneous or romantic place you’ve shared a kiss in NYC? xo


  1. This is SUPER cute, Sarah!!!! :)
    Will you buy me a plane ticket so I can come to NYC?? ;)

    Happy Monday! <3Cami

  2. Excuse me. The title of this post is "25 Places to Steal a Kiss in NYC," but #24 is at least a 2 hour drive without traffic from the city. I suggest you change the title to "24 Places to Steal a Kiss in NYC and 1 Place to Steal a Kiss in the Hamptons." The rest of the list is spot on, girl! Love it!


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