Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Not To Do During Your First Time

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When Mr. Right Now has become Mr. Right, you’re ready to take the next step - into your bedroom. To make all the right moves, remember what not to do during your first time together. Don’t…

Attempt Crazy Sex Positions. Trying out creative or tantric moves before you know each other’s bodies could be awkward. You most likely won’t enjoy how it feels and frankly, someone could get injured.

Cry. You may have fallen head-over-heels for this handsome man, but try not to cry out with tears of joy during your first night of passion together. Being over emotional may scare away your new guy.

Say ‘I Love You’. When you’re in the moment, swept up in lust, you may say things you wouldn’t normally shout from the rooftops of Manhattan. Those three little words should always be saved for the right moment. Refer to When Not to Say I Love You.

Forget Protection. You don’t know how many women he was with during his years as a frat boy, and you aren’t about to reveal your number (or your recent report from the gyno), so be safe and wrap it up.

Talk Baby Talk. If silly, cute words are your thing, go for it. But talking about your future kids together while thrusting is such a no, no.

Wear Granny Panties. Don’t get caught embarrassed a la Bridget Jones. Wear sexy panties, and even better, a matching bra and panty set, on date nights. Even if you’re not planning on heading home together at the end of the night, wearing beautiful underwear will make you feel confident, as the knowledge of your undergarments is your little racy secret.

Forget Volume Control. Easy on the theatrics when rocking underneath your sheets. Avoid deafening screams, exaggerated moans and above all, kinky name calling. Men may watch porn when alone, but they aren’t looking for their new girlfriend to star in an adult film.

What do you avoid during your first time with a new lover? xo

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