Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That Burger & Beer Pairing Dinner at Idle Hands Bar with Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Known as the “Bourbon, Beer and Rock” bar in the East Village, Idle Hands Bar hosts unique tastings and events, such as the popular past Learning to Beer series, weekly $10 Beer & Bourbon Tastings, and even fun themed canned beer passports during holiday seasons. Idle Hands keeps regulars, neighbors and even those above 14th street traveling downtown for tipsy nights out that even foodies will love!
Last night Idle Hands hosted a Beer and Burger Pairing Dinner with Lagunitas Brewing Company and That Burger, the resident burger shop upstairs. With 7 courses of creative mini burgers and tots paired with Lagunitas pours, guests were happily stuffed and drunk by the end of the evening.
The signature That Burger with sautéed onions and jalapenos topped with American cheese is the best bet to start with as this classic has the right spicy to creamy balance. Paired with Lagunitas Imperial Stout, the rich, chocolate beer evened out the burger’s feisty bite. From the Lagunitas India Pale Ale to the Czech Style Pilsner, each beer was matched perfectly with a That Burger for complimentary flavors.
Standout burger favorites include The Kick (onions and jalapenos cooked in Frank’s with melted cheddar cheese) for lovers of Frank’s Red Hot who “put that shit on everything” and The Oasis (lettuce, tomato, Thousand Island and American cheese) for a rich indulgence. No matter your burger preference, That Burger promises to always deliver “burgers typically medium rare, but always well done”.
That Burger owner/chef Dan Petersen and one of the Idle Hands owners “Rev” Dave Ciancio, have created Totchos (deconstructed tator tots with bacon, ground beef, American and mozzarella cheeses, jalapenos, bbq and hot sauce) to the delight of drunks with the munchies. This heaping pile of ooey gooey, savory and spicy heaven can be requested when you’re looking to preemptively avoid a hangover. If you’re stopping by Idle Hands for Sunday brunch, you can even request your Totchos with a fried egg on top!
When visiting Idle Hands, make sure to order from the That Burger menu and ask your bartender for the perfect Lagunitas pairing or for a craft beer option from their long list of cans, bottles and rotating tap choices. To attend future events at Idle Hands, check out their calendar and get your drink on!

Idle Hands Bar & That Burger. 25 Avenue B.

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