Friday, March 30, 2012

Order Your Beer N Balls Tickets with Get Real NY!

NYC meat lovers and beer guzzlers, get ready to get down on some serious grub. Get Real NY, a craft beer-focused company made up of in-the-know foodies, will host their first-ever ‘Beer N Balls’ beer and food festival on Saturday, April 7th at the 404 NYC event space.
Beer N Balls will pair 14 of NYC’s most-celebrated, meat-centric chefs together with farm raised game animals for your over-eating pleasure. Each chef will prepare their unique meatballs with a choice of wild game from Fossil Farms, creating an array of porcine pleasures for attendees to try in all-you-care-to-taste style. Yes, you may need to be rolled home by the end of the event.
In addition to tasting more than 20 different and unique meatballs, you’ll indulge in endless craft beers from over 55 craft breweries including Hill Farmstead, Captain Lawrence, Dogfish Head, Sixpoint, Stillwater, Lagunitas, Smuttynose, Ommegang, Wandering Star, Ithaca, Empire, The Bronx Brewery and more plus 15+ cask ales, local homebrews and local wines from Lieb Cellars. Be prepared to get a bit more than tipsy.

For those watching their waistline for bikini season in the Hamptons note that vegetarian dishes will also be available.

Beer N Balls will take place over 2 sessions: 1-4 pm and 7-10 pm with VIP sessions beginning at 12 pm and 6 pm that include an extra hour of eating and drinking as well as a sommelier pairing session. Tickets to the General Sessions are $55 and include endless craft beer tastings, while the VIP tickets are $75.

Tickets for this intimate tasting event are extremely limited and both sessions will sell out, so order your tickets ASAP!

PS - You can get a deal on Thrillist, while they last! 

For more information from the team at Get Real NYfollow them on Twitter with hashtag #BeerBalls for updates. xo

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get Fit for Summer in NYC with Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV

Hello, spring. This beautiful warm weather in New York City means long afternoon brunches al fresco in maxi dresses, nights out downtown in mini skirts and shopping for bikinis to rock this coming summer in the Hamptons. With all this sexy bare skin, city girls are searching for ways to get fit fast - and stay in shape!

There are so many fitness options around NYC, from outdoor boot camps in Central Park, SoulCycle and Physique 57, just to name a few of the recent fitness crazes to hit the city streets.

For busy New Yorkers running from the office to meetings and events each and everyday, arriving to the gym on time for a class is not always realistic. And who wants to spend their annual bonus on a few sessions with an expensive personal trainer? GaiamTV, the first streaming video subscription designed to reach those interested in health, wellness, yoga, fitness and personal development has come to the rescue for busy city ladies!

With over 2,000 titles, Gaiam TV is like netflix for fitness, delivering hundreds of hours of online yoga, Pilates and a variety of cardio classes. Gaiam TV viewers can practice with top instructors like Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor and Kathryn Budig.

Gaiam TV’s yoga and fitness studios are flexible and simple to use. Viewers can customize workouts for weight loss, total body sculpting or increased energy and narrow down their options based on level, style, instructor and amount of available time. Simply search for videos, make playlists and preview selections. As a subscriber, you can also rate and review Gaiam TV titles.

Want 27/7 fitness access when getting home late from the office or traveling on a business trip? Gaiam TV’s entire library of award-winning videos is available anytime, anywhere.  Stream Gaiam TV from your laptop, iPad and even your smartphone! It couldn’t get any simpler to get fit with a busy career and social life.

Try Gaiam TV without risking any money now! Check out this free 10-day trial – no strings attached! xo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Betel’s 10 Course Tasting Menu

The West Village is the perfect neighborhood for date nights – from intimate wine bars to celebrity chef restaurants. For your next night out with Mr. Right, make reservations through gDine at Betel, an Asian inspired bar and kitchen in the heart of the West Village on Grove Street.

Betel is one of the first restaurants to partner with gDine’s NYC launch, offering pre-paid shopping offerings for group dining. Reserve Betel’s 10 course tasting menu on gDine for only $40 per person! The 10 course Chef’s Selection is offered for $50 per person when ordered at Betel without gDine. By booking ahead on gDine, you'll save $20 on this dinner for 2 – without having to print a coupon, show a voucher on your iPhone or even mention a deal. Once you’ve booked online with gDine, the wait staff will be ready to serve you your pre-paid deal upon arrival.

Betel believes “a meal is best shared”, which is why they encourage reaching across the table to taste, nibble and interact with your date or friends.

Hama Hama Oyster kicks off the tasting menu. These fresh oysters are highlighted with red Nahim Jim cilantro & fried shallots.

Smoked Duck Sausage Betel Leaf with ginger & chili has a very spicy kick. Bite the chili with caution.

Pork and Prawn Dumplings with Chinese black vinegar sauce is a traditional dumpling for two.

Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish served with Vietnamese dipping sauce is lightly fried for a calamari-like crisp.

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs with roasted sesame seeds bring a gourmet flavor to Chinese delivery style ribs.

Green Papaya Salad with snake bean peanut and cherry tomato adds a refreshing balance to the meat heavy dishes.

Duck and Lychee Vietnamese Pancake with cucumber relish combines a flaky pancake with fatty duck bites in a fiery dressing.

Yellow Curry of Delicta Squash with shallots has creamy coconut notes for a comfort food feel.

Caramelized Braised Beef Rib with coriander and Nahm Plah Prik is tender, yet crispy for a hearty finish to the savory meal items.

Cassia Bark Banana Fritter with Roasted Coconut Ice Cream balances a fried shell banana with cool and creamy ice cream for a happy ending to this tasting dinner.

Make sure to book your reservation at Betel through gDine to take advantage of this discounted price and check out other participating restaurants for more pre-paid deals in NYC!
Take a video tour of Betel's atmosphere, food and cocktails!

*Disclaimer: My meal was paid for, courtesy of GDine. I was not paid, nor was I required to write a review. My opinions are my own and, I feel, unbiased.*

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Not To Do During Your First Time

Image via Glamour 
When Mr. Right Now has become Mr. Right, you’re ready to take the next step - into your bedroom. To make all the right moves, remember what not to do during your first time together. Don’t…

Attempt Crazy Sex Positions. Trying out creative or tantric moves before you know each other’s bodies could be awkward. You most likely won’t enjoy how it feels and frankly, someone could get injured.

Cry. You may have fallen head-over-heels for this handsome man, but try not to cry out with tears of joy during your first night of passion together. Being over emotional may scare away your new guy.

Say ‘I Love You’. When you’re in the moment, swept up in lust, you may say things you wouldn’t normally shout from the rooftops of Manhattan. Those three little words should always be saved for the right moment. Refer to When Not to Say I Love You.

Forget Protection. You don’t know how many women he was with during his years as a frat boy, and you aren’t about to reveal your number (or your recent report from the gyno), so be safe and wrap it up.

Talk Baby Talk. If silly, cute words are your thing, go for it. But talking about your future kids together while thrusting is such a no, no.

Wear Granny Panties. Don’t get caught embarrassed a la Bridget Jones. Wear sexy panties, and even better, a matching bra and panty set, on date nights. Even if you’re not planning on heading home together at the end of the night, wearing beautiful underwear will make you feel confident, as the knowledge of your undergarments is your little racy secret.

Forget Volume Control. Easy on the theatrics when rocking underneath your sheets. Avoid deafening screams, exaggerated moans and above all, kinky name calling. Men may watch porn when alone, but they aren’t looking for their new girlfriend to star in an adult film.

What do you avoid during your first time with a new lover? xo
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