Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Guy

Shower Mr. Right with some love this Valentine’s Day. Choose from treats for his sweet tooth, products to help him look his sexiest or a sporty gift he’ll brag to all his buddies about.
Fingerless or Tech Gloves. For the gadget-obsessed man, a pair of warm fingerless or tech padded tipped gloves will allow him to easily spend hours on his iPad or to guarantee he can respond to your text on his Droid, even on his coldest walks to the subway.

(Cigars from Maraya)
Cigars. Are you dating a suave man, who wishes he was a red-robe-clad Hugh Hefner type? Order a sampling of cigars that he can enjoy at home or in a Lower East Side lounge.

Men’s Grooming. We all know a haircut in Manhattan costs about $100 for us ladies, so even our men spend about $50 per cut. Consider treating him to something a bit more cost-effective like a Zoom Groom at Rare Salon. For only $30 your guy will enjoy a salon treatment to get his last haircut cleaned up around the edges, leaving him looking sharp.

Hot Chocolate. Warm him up with Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Popbar for a sweet way to his heart. Women aren't the only ones who dream of chocolatey love.

(Shop MLB)
Personalized Sports Gear. If he grew up a Mets fan or is faithful to the Yankees, get your sports fanatic a jersey with his all-time favorite player's name. He'll be proud to brag to his buddies at the bar that his girlfriend is not only hot, but encourages (or at least deals with) his love of the game.

Don’t forget to show your BFF some love this Valentine’s Day too! xo


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