Thursday, February 9, 2012

How To Be Single (and Happy) on Valentine’s Day

New Year’s Eve has come and gone with a celebration of sexy, independent singledom and friendship with your best gals. Valentine’s Day seems to follow all too quickly, with another reminder to single women that they are indeed, still single. But why not embrace your independent, successful and beautiful self with an indulgent night alone or toasting your BFFs? Be single (and happy) this Valentine’s Day!

Date Ryan Gosling. Spend the night in comfortable pjs, delighting in your favorite non-diet treats, while drooling over full access to the All Ryan Gosling, All The Time new Movies On Demand channel. Swoon over this heartthrob all night long.

Be a Lady Who Brunches. Host a Valentine’s Day themed brunch over the weekend with your single girlfriends. Everyone can bring a different savory or sweet dish in true potluck style. Sip mimosas and snack on heart shaped desserts, while you gossip during a long, tipsy brunch.

Speed Date. Ever been curious about just how awkward or exciting speed dating really is? Why not take this holiday of love as the opportunity to sign up for a night of speed dating with your partner-in-crime? You might even find Mr. Right! And if the night is a bust, you can always turn it around with cocktails post-event cracking jokes with your girlfriend about the stereotypes you “dated” that evening.

Declare You’re Anti-Valentine’s Day. Really not in the mood to run into any annoyingly perfect couples on the 14th? Then why not hate on love with other singles at an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, held at bars all around the city. Get drunk, but don’t be too much of a Debbie Downer. Who knows whom you’ll meet when you mingle and flirt in a dark lounge filled with singles?

Spend The Day With Loved Ones. Are you your little sister’s role model? Does shopping with your mom always make you feel better? Does your dad’s corny jokes send you laughing until coffee shoots out of your noise during family breakfasts? Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by making plans with family members to share in a day of love with those who matter most. 

How will you spend Valentine's Day? xo

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  1. The year my ex cheated on me was a week before valentines day. I had just received a shocking box of 500 condoms in the mail and decided to laugh and invite all my single friends over for an antivalentines day party. we all got hammered and played bored games and I gave away the condoms in brown paper bags as goodies.
    This year, my roommate and I are having dinner together in the city for a Galentine's extravaganza. :-)


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